Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My amazing husband!

I know every woman thinks she has the best husband... but really... TRULY, I know I do! At least the best husband for me! I don't know what on earth I did to get so lucky, but I am SO very glad he chose me :) I have been thinking a lot lately about ALL he does for our family... I have found that it's come up in conversations a lot lately and it hit me that my kids, especially my girls, will really need to hear this someday. I don't know if blogging will be cool in 2025.. but I don't care :) This is my journal and I want Kailee, and those babies that haven't made it to earth yet to know how much I love their Daddy. So here it goes.. I'll just list my favorite things about him.. in no particular order

10. He helps clean up dinner. Every night. Seems like lately, he's done it by himself.. every night. He cleans up the dishes, puts lunches in containers, starts the dishwasher and washes gross pans. I even hate to do that... and he does it with out a single complaint! SO lucky to have so much help! He's even made a dinner in the last week (and TWO Breakfasts')! Best grilled cheese and tomato soup I've ever had! ;)

9. He does laundry. Often. A lot. Okay.... almost always. :) That includes sorting, washer to dryer, folding, hanging up AND putting away. His clothes, Kailee's clothes and even mine... Seriously! He does laundry! And he even does it well! Lucky me!

8. He makes me laugh. Hysterically... at least once a day! I have never had a man make me laugh like he does! He knows when (and when not) to tease me... and has the BEST personality and sense of humor.. He keeps me laughing, Kailee laughing, and really, anyone who is around him! Love that about him!

7. He brings out a side of me that no one else could. He MAKES me talk, he makes me open up, he makes me get it all out. I am so grateful for that. I've never, EVER been able to communicate like I can with him. And it makes me happy that he feels the same way about me. We have our disagreements, and we talk through them ALL. We get it all out, and move forward and upward. So very grateful for that..

6. He blows me away with his musical talents. Last night for example.. I am watching Kourtney & Kim Take New York and he grabs his laptop, guitar and headphones (wonder why?! :)) and just starts practicing. Anything and everything.. I love that he can sing to us, and encourages us to sing. I have a recorded version of him and Kailee singing She is Love by Parachute. Talk about melt my heart! I love to hear him sing and can't describe how proud he makes me when he picks up that guitar! I love it so much! One of the proudest moments of my life was hearing him sing at my sisters wedding. Such a special moment for our family.. Then our wedding.. The song he had recorded.. the same one that he played when he proposed. Beautiful. Amazing. And PERFECT for us :) So grateful to have such a talented man as my soul mate :)

5. He knows how and when to apologize. Seems small, huh? Its not. At all. This has been HUGE in our relationship. Not just the fact that he can apologize, but that he encourages me to. Another area he makes me better! I'm not very good at the whole 'sorry' thing!

4. He thanks me.. for EVERYTHING! We are lucky enough to go to bed together every night. Brush our teeth and climb in the sheets at the same time. What a blessing this has been. We don't go a night with out a little cuddle time and it does WONDERS for me.. And each night.. he'll softly touch my face and tell me thanks for dinner. Or for cleaning up. Or for his lunch. Or for making him so happy. Or for something I did for Kailee. Seriously, he thanks me for everything! To know that he TRULY appreciates me and acknowledges all that I do (or try to do), makes even the worst most exhausting day worth it. Love that about him!

3. His drive. He wants to be better at everything he does. He wants to be the best at everything he does. He has more drive that anyone I know. That was a big thing for me. Someone who wouldn't be satisfied to just get by in life, or take the short cut and the easy way out all the time. He is so motivated and driven to have more, do more and be better. So sexy! :)

2. He is the BEST daddy. His main concern in this life is giving Kailee all she needs and deserves. And most of the time, everything she wants :) He is so good to get down and play with her. To draw with her, paint with her, play Princess Fishing, play Candyland a gazillion times, and even wrestle with her. :) I love to listen to him make her laugh.. which ALWAYS leads to his cute giggle! :) I feel really lucky and blessed that in our special situation, I got to see him be a daddy FIRST... I never will have to worry what he'll be like, or if he'll be patient or how he'll discipline. I already know how he will be. And it's such a blessing to know that my kids will have a wonderful dad who shows them love and teaches them right from wrong.. Gives me so much comfort for our future..

1. The man treats me like a queen. He makes me feel special, different and important every single day. He loves me, likes me, adores me, pampers me, spoils me and tells me every day what I mean to him. At least once every day he tells me I'm beautiful. He makes me feel beautiful. He makes me feel like I am something and I'm worth something. He makes me happier than I have every been in my life. He loves me with his whole heart, and I've never had a love like that before. I didn't believe in fairy tales.. or true love.. or in having a soul mate... until I found mine :)

I love you, Jake. You make life worth living and every day wonderful. You are the reason behind my smile, and my only hope is that I can make your life as good as you've made mine!

I am so glad you chose me! XoXo

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Aubrey A said...

To me it's amazing not just to love, but to be loved in return. It is definitely something I never take for granted. From the sounds of it, neither do you. :)