Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Been awhile since I posted. If I had to guess, I'd say it was the day before I discovered Pinterest? Just a guess. ;) My life has been full of my two loves, work and making/cooking things I've found on Pinterest.. Okay, really.. I am devoting an ENTIRE post to that damn time-sucking, make-me-crafty, make-me-throw-out-old-crappy-recipes, you-can-make-anything-for-much-cheaper, here-are-a-million-dream-kitchens-that-make-me-hate-my-apartment-even-more website. :) No, but really. GREATEST. WEBSITE. EVVVER.!

Quotes? They're on Pinterest. Make up/Clothing/hair ideas? They're on Pinterest. Recipes for a sophisticated meal? They're on Pinterest. Recipes for a quick and easy dinner? They're on Pinterest. DIY EVERYTHING? They're on Pinterest. Decorations for every holiday and season? They're on Pinterest. Dream home ideas? They're on Pinterest. I could go on, and on, and on, and on, and on and on on on.. This website is PHENOMENAL!

My sister in laws were talking about it awhile back.. Once before the wedding, but I knew if I checked it out then, my psychotic, stressed out, psycho-ness would multiply by 10. Thank goodness I didn't do it. My  fiance at the time, and even more so, my mom... would have broken up with me.. :) I finally checked it out one day, at work. OOPS? And didn't really get it. Cool stuff, sure. But didn't spend much time ACTUALLY looking into it. Then one day, I did. Pretty sure I have had it pulled up ever since. On my phone, at work in between running reports (and sometimes when I should be doing something else... Sorry Ryan and Mark), every 'lunch', and on the lap top at home. This website is my favorite! Screw Facebook! :)

My obsession has become slightly ridiculous. I threw out a (maybe made up?!) stat to my husband about football (the stupid Patriots), and he came back with a snide "did you get that from Pinterest" comment. :) It was kind of funny. Even though sadly, it may be all that I have talked about for the past few weeks. :) And I love that I can send my mom a link, and she'll say.. "I saw that this morning"! Let the obsession spread! :)

To ANY of you reading this that haven't checked it out yet. Comment with your email address and I will send you an invite. Really, it will be the best thing that ever happened to you! :) I know it's in my top 5 favorite things in my life right now! :) Yes, babe.. You're still number 1!

Besides Pinterest life has been... ? Just kidding, life has been wonderful! Jake and I are adjusting to married life and all that comes with it. Love going to bed next to him and waking up to him every morning.. He really is the light of my life and my soul mate. Lucky me :) Kailee is as sassy and hilarious as ever! She cracks us up daily and says and does the funniest things! We're all really looking forward to our first Thanksgiving as an official family! Holiday posts and pictures to come! :) Have a wonderful and very Happy Thanksgiving.. I am grateful for so many things, especially all of the wonderful people I have surrounding me. XoXo


Jeanne D. said...

So Heather was talking about it @ the GK dinner and I chuckled at her for saying how wonderful it was :) now I am curious lol so my email is: need to get together soon

Aubrey A said...

So glad I could get you addicted. :) :)

Rob, Jami, and Cal said...

hahahah Lacy I love this, so so true!