Thursday, October 27, 2011

Our Perfect Weekend!

Our weekend started out on Thursday.. sort  of :) Thursday's are our nights with Kailee, so it always feels like that's when our weekend starts! She was the CUTEST! She's been really attached to me lately, no complaints here! So it was no surprise that she wanted to help make dinner! She gets to do all the stirring and I follow along, with my OCD, and wipe around the bowl.. that is if I can get to it before she licks it! It doesn't matter what it is.. she will lick it! Funny girl!

I love that she 'likes' to spend time with me.. and hope it never changes! :) She's such a good little girl and SO much fun!! After dinner was over Jake and I RAVED about what a good job she did.. :) She was beaming and then said, "My dinners are REALLY good and yours are just a little bit good, huh Lacy?" Little stink! :) Too funny!

Friday we got to do one of our favorite things in the world as a family.. we got to hang out with our Joey, Linds and little Miss B! We love that family SO much and always have such a good time! They were taking me to dinner for my birthday since life had been WAY too busy before to get together.. We had an amazing time just hanging out! Let the girls run around at Gateway then walked over to Macaroni Grill for some yummy dinner followed by some frozen yogurt back at the Gateway to end our night! Here are some of my favorite pictures.

Look at these two! I could just eat em both! :) So cute!

I love this.. and it truly shows their relationship.. Kailee showing Brooklynn the ropes! :) Brooklynn literally does and says EVERYTHING 'Tayee Bug' says or does. It's the sweetest thing! :) Love that they will grow up cousins and the best of friends!

Haha! Isn't she the cutest?! I love this little thing SO much!

Love him! Best husband in the world! And isn't he so handsome?!

Our walk back to Gateway.. :) They had so much fun! So sweet! Best little buds!

The Blacks! :) Doesn't that cute face say it all?! Such a wonderful night! Thanks guys! We love you!

Saturday morning.. 6:43 am. I wake up to a sound I think is the blinds in the family room and the sliding glass door. PANIC! I wake Jake up, cause Lord knows he didn't hear it! Ran out there to see what was going on with my pounding heart.. slightly paranoid of being robbed or the house broke into.. Well, it wasn't the blinds at all! It was Kailee. Playing with all of her jewelry in her room. She said she just wasn't sleepy anymore! What?! We ran the crap out of you last night, you fell asleep in the car, woke up so you could watch a movie and didn't fall back asleep until 11:00! About an hour after your daddy! Good thing Lacy stays up! ;) She was up a couple of times in the night.. first time -had an accident in her sleeping bag, in her new princess tent, ON the bed.. (yeah, that was a fun clean up!) Second time- wanted to watch a movie.. at 3 am! Since we don't watch movies that late, daddy went to cuddle her. Long story short, the little monster was up at the crack of dawn.. Daddy was still SO sleepy, and I knew we had a busy morning.. So I got up, saved her from her 'not tired anymore' state, and we headed to the grocery store.. She's started this new, "I wish".. thing. Like after washing her hands in the princess bathroom, " Lacy, I wish I had a princess MIRROR".. Apparently the shower curtain, hooks, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and rug aren't enough.. we need a princess mirror?! what!? :) So the whole time grocery shopping I heard this.. "Lacy, I wish I had ____" yep, fill in the blank! Odds are, if she saw it.. she 'wished' she had it! She cracks me up! She was so good with all of my "that would be so cool" and "I wish I had that too" that I let her pick a treat at the end. Anything in the store.. she of course, chose the sucker bottle with sugar to dip.. Perfect. She was on a sugar high for the next 30 minutes! :) Silly girl!

Saturday was going to be another busy day, of course.. Jake and I headed to the Y game, and Kailee got to go with her mommy to her cousins birthday party.. So we were all happy! After a Y win and a sugar high party, we picked up Kailee and had a surprise for her.. Grandma and Grandpa were with us :) She was SO excited to see my mom! So sweet! :)  She sat with Grandma at lunch, and Grandma carried her in the restaurant, GRANDMA, GRANDMA, GRANDMA.. Grandpa was lucky and 'got' to carry her out... basically, Jake and I were nonexistant for the next couple of hours! When they dropped us off in Lehi to pick up our car, needless to say, she wasn't very happy when we told her we weren't going to their house.. we were headed home. Poor thing fought back the tears with all she had.. So sad, but so sweet! My parents are the best grandparents! :) It's been so fun to watch them interact with the girls.. they love them so much!! After that, we got to go to Grandma Andrus' for Grandpa Rogers birthday.. We hung out with the fam for awhile and let Kailee and Maddy play.. So fun to spend time with both our families, all in the same day!

Sunday we were so excited to spend the afternoon with our friends Jamie and Ava and Anton, Justina, Afton and Preslee. :) We got to go to the Zoo for a few hours! We had so much fun! Those 4 girls get along so well and were all so good! Kailee was nervous on the way there that the alligators might be out of their cage.. after some convincing, she was really excited! She had painted a picture for Ava and couldn't wait to give it to her :) Fun, fun day! Looking at animals, laughing at the girls and eating ice cream! Great weekend!!
Check out that smile! :) love her!

Checkin' out the monkeys! :) Love her pose in this! Such a girl!

They had so much fun here! They pretended they were holding their breath underwater and would pop their heads up gasping for air! Too cute!
Ice cream time! BEST ice cream cone I've ever had! I wanted 2 :) I think everyone else liked them too! :)

So hard to get 4 little girls to look and smile at the same time! But these are some of Kailee's friends! :)

Family day at Hogle Zoo :)

Such a fabulous weekend! Cherishing every moment and memory with our little family.


Aubrey A said...

Yowsers! What a weekend! You guys sure did a lot of stuff! So much fun!!!! Love all the smiles.

Holly & Tiffani said...

Holy moly girl, that's a busy weekend! And we thought life would slow down after the weddings... but at least now it's all the stuff we WANT to be doing :) Love reading your blog.

Jake, Lacy and Kailee said...

Thanks girls! We had such a good time! Our weekends are busy, but FUN busy! And you're right Holly.. not sure it will ever slow down, but at least it's the stuff we WANT to do :)