Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Welcome to... married life? Blogging? What!?!

First off, if you would’ve told me a year ago I’d be starting a blog full of lovey-dovey, mushey, kid friendly posts, I’d have laughed at you.. But here we are and what a beautiful life it is! I will start out by introducing ‘us’.. Not sure how much actual posting Jake will do, but it’s his blog too! J

Jake and I met on September 4th, 2010 and were married September 24th, 2011. From the day I met him, I knew he was the one. I had never EVER felt more connected to another person in my life. We started out as ‘friends’.. though I don’t think either of us ever saw the other as a ‘buddy’ ;), and a short month later were beyond inseperable.. He loved my cooking, made me laugh, loved football, and was the best kisser! J And man, do we do a lot of kissing!! It took him FOREVER to kiss me for the first time, but I don’t think we’ve stopped since J Just 2 ½ months after we met, we were talking after a concert.. I knew I was in love with him, and had known for a little bit.. but was AGAIN, patiently waiting for him to make the move.. well, there came a point when I couldn’t hold back one more second. I remember thinking to myself.. I must REALLY love him because at this point, I don’t care if he says it back. I HAVE TO SAY IT. And I did J Luckily he said it back, and we’ve said it 3 million times since.. J I love that man with all of my heart and can’t believe how happy he makes me! At somepoint, every single day, I take a second and think about how TRULY lucky I am to have him.. and all of the events that brought us together.

We couldn’t have met at a better time in either of our lives. Jake was recently divorced, living on his own, and a little lost. To him, he was figuring out who he really was and what he really wanted for the first time in his life..He was becoming the man HE wanted to be, not who everyone around him wanted him to be. Me, I had FINALLY found myself. I wasn’t going to be a back up plan anymore, or date guys who I knew didn’t deserve me.. I was finally worried about ME, and my happiness and just enjoying my friends, my job, living on my own and being young! I was done with dating all together at least for a year or two.. or so I thought! We met, understood and loved each other very quickly.. J We met after BYU’s opening football game against Washington September 4th,and made sure exactly 7 months later when we planned our big day we wouldn’t be interrupted by a game.. A big screen TV at our reception seemed a bit tacky, so we checked the schedule before setting a date J . Lucky for us, they had a Friday game in September.. So the 24th it was! And that folks, is how we knew we were meant for each other! Thank you BYU football for being a big part of meeting the true love of my life! And thank you babe, for being the first guy to love and appreciate my passion for football.. and all sports for that matter! That’s one thing we love to do together.. watch games.. Doesn’t matter what team or sport, ESPN is always on at our house! He’s even got me into watching baseball.. which I NEVER thought was possible.. Go Braves!!! J We love to do just about anything..as long as it’s together. We love our date nights.. in or out, hanging with our wonderful friends, eating out, and shopping!

We also love to be with our families and are truly blessed in that category. Jake has 4 brothers who couldn’t be more different, or more charming men. And lucky for me, I came towards the end of the pack.. so I am blessed with 3 beautiful and absolutely lovely sister in laws! And of course.. 3 nephews – Evan, Hayden and Grahm.. and 3 neices – McKaylie, Maddelyn and Reagan, whom I adore! So proud and lucky to be a part of this family.. Roger and JoLene, my new inlaws, must’ve done something incredibly right in the parenting category.. because they have 5 of the greatest men I know for sons. Lucky me J We love our time with the Andrus side and look forward to holidays and Sunday dinners..

And my family, who we love to spend time with as well.. camping, hanging out, BYU games, whatever.. we have so much fun when we’re all together! My sister Lindsay was married a month before me, so as most of our life had gone.. we got to share ‘weddings’ or at least the planning of them. I love her more than anything and we have evolved from fighting sisters, to the best of friends. I tell her EVERYTHING and miss seeing her everyday.. She married the older brother I never had and now one of my best friends.. Joey. What a great guy! My parents couldn’t love Jake and Joey anymore.. But I’m not sure what they love most.. the boys and the way they treat us.. or the little princesses they brought into our lives.. J Brooklynn was my first niece and I love that little girl so much and can’t wait to smooch her cute cheeks everytime I see her J She loves her "Dacy" too, which I never complain about, she is absolutely gorgeous and freaking hilarious! And there’s Riley boy.. best little brother in the world who loves us much more now that we brought the boys into the fam! He’s the sweetest and most talented kid.. who’s not really a kid anymore. He has the funniest sense of humor and Linds and I have always adored him.. and Kailee and Brooklynn seemed to follow suit, they both have MAJOR crushes on him! Their little cheeks get red anytime he talks! J

We are truly blessed to have the families we do.. and are even more grateful that we could be apart of bringing two amazing families into one..

The real reason for this blog.. Kailee Bug J This little girl has NO idea how much she is loved! She is the life of our home and every other weekend just isnt enough! We love her so much and watching Jake be her daddy was something that made me fall even more in love with him! He is the best daddy and so hands on.. He will play any girl game in the world with Kailee and I and is always our "Prince".. Kailee just tunred 4 in August and loves EVERYTHING girl! If it’s pink or has a princess on it, she’s all over it! She loves wearing dresses, watching a movie before bed, playing games (where daddy ALWAYS cheats!), the words "Lacy…guess what", her friends and cousins, lipgloss, fingernail polish and REALLY… anything girl! J She’s insanly dramatic, riduclously funny, and has the worlds biggest heart! She is always making sure everything and everyone is okay.. Me, Jake and her sweet mommy especially. She is definitely the oldest child and the caretaker.. Love that about her! Since we were engaged, she’s been talking a lot about weddings and wants to marry her cousin Brock J ! She loves to go swimming and is absolutely fearless. I never could have imagined loving a child so much that wasn’t mine. Boy, was I wrong! Though she has an amazing mommy, I feel so blessed to be a part of her life and pray everyday I do all that I can to show her and teach her about life, love, happiness and the beauty of being a woman.

This, my new family, these two beautiful people.. are my whole world! That’s what life is all about, right? The people you can call family. So blessed to be starting out on this journey with the two loves of my life! Welcome to our perfectly crazy life!


Aubrey A said...

Wonderful post! I never really heard how you met, so it is wonderful to hear! You have been an invaluable addition to the Andrus clan that is for sure!!! I cannot express how wonderful it is for you to be in Jacob (sorry, I can't call him Jake. I know everyone else does, but he will always be Jacob to me. :) and Kailee's life! I hope for many, MANY more wonderful years for you to come!!! Loves!!

Lauri said...

That was beautiful Lacy! I hope you don't mind me blog stalking you ;) and feel free to do the same! I am so happy that you and Jake and Kailee are so happy!

Jake, Lacy and Kailee said...

You two are so sweet! Thank you! :) Aubrey.. :) That meant a lot! I feel very blessed to have landed in such a great family! Sure love you guys! And Lauri.. stalk away :) I will do some stalking of yours myself! Thanks for your sweet words and support! We are excited to share this wonderful time in our lives! XoXo

Heather said...

Yay for the married/blogging phase of life! Love the post....you guys could not be any cuter if your lives depended on it! Love ya.

Holly & Tiffani said...

aw i love that you're a blogger now too! :) I loved reading about yours and jake's love story, and i'm so happy you've found your true prince charming. welcome to the beginning of the rest of your lives together!

Giles Fam said...

Welcome to blogging! I'm so excited to keep up on what you guys are doing! LOVE IT! Congrats on everything. Your wedding was beautiful. THanks for letting us be a part of it. You guys are awesome!