Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fun Weekend! Lion King 3D, BYU Game & Andrus Family Halloween Party!

We decided Friday night we wanted to take Kailee to see Lion King in 3D.. It had been YEARS since I'd seen it and I forgot how stinkin' cute that movie is! Kailee loved her glasses and was SO funny wearing them. I still can't believe I didn't get a picture of it! I even had my camera with me! Dang it! She loved the glasses, left them on the whole time and was SO good during the movie.. And every time the 3D would take effect, she would look at me with this amazed look on her face and giggle! Too funny! She is at the funniest age and says and does the funniest things! She would move her glasses up every time she needed more popcorn J apparently, she couldn’t see the popcorn with the glasses on her eyes?! So cute! We loved watching her reaction to it all! Before the movie started, I took her to the bathroom. What is it with kids and talking SO loud in the bathroom stall?! I remember hearing kids all of the time and thinking it was the cutest thing.. and it is, but some of the conversations are a little awkward! J this particular story was about the "Booger Monster" that her uncle Randy showed her. And her mommy told her if she kept eating her boogers, the Booger Monster would grow in her belly. I giggled, and she went on to tell me that one time she had some boogers running down her nose and she licked them, like this.. and TOTALLY did the licking of the upper lip thing! I almost died! I heard a few ladies laugh and did my best to hold back so she didn’t think I was making fun of her! It was tough! She had NO clue there were others around.. and probably didn’t care! During the movie, I noticed her getting a little big restless. She stood up, looked at me, and YELLED (or at least it seemed since it was so quiet in the theater) "Lacy.. why does my bum itch?!" Jake and I couldn’t help but giggle with this one.. She is so funny! I did get a few pictures of Jake and Kailee driving the arcade car before the movie. Apparently, Kailee can’t drive any of Jake’s vehicles... EVER! J She did choose a cute car though, so I’ll give her that!!

Saturday Kailee got to have a sleep over with Grandma Andrus while daddy and I went to the BYU game. We love our Cougs and the time we get to share with my parents, and Ammon and Amber who have season tickets with us. This time, Austin came with Ammon.. Amber is pregnant and those night games are rough on her sleepy body! We had lots of fun though, and BYUwon! We met up with my parents before for some yummy dinner and got to ride with them.. had to snap a few pics of us all blue’d out! J Fun night! Late night, but fun!


Sunday, we had a fun Halloween party with the Andrus'. JoLene makes holidays a lot of fun for the kids! We decided we all wanted to dress up this time... of course, by 'we'.. I mean Kailee and I :) Jake just got told what to do! Good thing he loves us, huh?! I had an Indian costume I wore a couple years back.. and Kailee has been OBSESSED with Pocahontas for the last little bit so I thought it'd be perfect! Jake got to be our John Smith J Well, my John Smith. She wanted her John Smith to be Brock J ! Found the cutest Pocahontas costume on Disney's website and conveniently enough, University Mall has a Disney Store so we stopped before the game Saturday and got the costume (and matching shoes J ) for a steal! I was so excited! She LOVED it and looked so stinkin’ cute! She got to hit a piñata, go ‘fishing’ for cute Hello Kitty socks, painted a pumpkin and got the $(*@ scared out of her by her dad.. He borrowed Josh’s gorilla costume and scared the kids.. Well, he did more than scare Kailee. I’ve NEVER heard a shriek like that! I couldn’t stop laughing and felt TERRIBLE at the same time! She was pretty clingy the rest of the night! J And she told me to make sure daddy "never EVER does that again". Sad, but so funny! Here's a few pics of our fun day!

Pocahontas and the BYU Knight :)

 This is where she hid from the Gorilla.. hahaha. So sad.. hahaha!

 Maddy and Daddy takin' a whack at the pinata!

 Evan's turn!

 Austin pitches to Josh.. Still doesn't break!

 There we go! And yes.. that's my husband. Stealing candy from kids..

 Cutest little bum ever! :) haha! Loved this!

 Pocahontas Shoes

 All the grandkids! :)
 Our little fam..

 Halloween Cupcakes.. and Aubrey's birthday candles :)

 Fishing for Halloween prizes with Grandma! She's pretty excited, can ya tell?!

We had such a great weekend! Now that life has slowed down (sort of??), I love sitting back and enjoying all of these moments and the memories they create! J

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Aubrey A said...

Fun, FUN, FUN!!! What a wonderful weekend! You made a beautiful Pocahontas by the way, and I love that you made Jacob dress up. :) So much fun to have so many kiddos around. Love each and everyone one of them!!! :) :)