Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentines 2012

I have to brag about my AMAZING Valentines day.. I am SO spoiled and I definitely married a hopeless romantic! I love him for surprising me.. it doesn't happen easily.. I monitor our bank account like a psycho.. and he SUCKS at lying.. So anytime there is a surprise coming, I have some sort of clue.. Not this year! What a sweetheart!

We started our weekend before Valentines with our FAVORITE little girl :) We made a fun Valentines craft for Grandma Andrus.. I got the idea from a website to keep kids entertained while indoors.. Cute website with TONS of ideas! This lady has to be the coolest mom! (also, a stay at home mom.. FOR SURE!) Check it out here. This lady is seriously genius! So many fun things for the little ones! Anyway, we did this craft and Kailee lasted about 6 minutes.. Success! haha.. I was hoping she'd last while I got dinner prepared.. Oh well, it did turn out pretty cute.. I may or may not have done all of it myself.. she added some fabulous coloring though.. She was so proud!

Love this smile!

On Valentines Day, I had a special delivery from a special looking dude.. About 2:30pm the receptionist called to see if I would come sign for a delivery..( I was wondering when those flowers were coming ;) ). I walked to the front of the office and notice what appears to be Joe Dirt delivering my flowers.. He didn't look at me, but was dressed in a full grey delivery uniform. A hat with long disgusting hair and MAJOR chops.. Walking up I realized that man was standing JUST like my husband ;). I noticed right away that it was him.. Funny guy I married! I could hardly kiss him, he looked SO different. Wish I had a picture.. it was hilarious! But I do have a picture of the beautiful flowers he delivered... What a sweetie! Love him!

This picture seriously doesn't do 'em justice. They are BEAUTIFUL! 6 red.. 6 pink :)

That night was also the Lady Antebellum concert.. Jake had given me tickets for Christmas and we were SO excited! I snuck out of work early and we hit Olive Garden for a quick dinner before the concert.. Yum! I crave that place more than any other place in the world! The salad?! To die for! Love it! We headed downtown to catch the concert and it was AMAZING! We had such a great time and I loved being able to sit next to my cute preggo sister! I think I rubbed her belly a billion times! I can NOT wait for that little man to get here! I want to love on him and munch his cheeks! I'm not sure how I will be able to wait another 4 months! :) We had such a great night! Here are a few pics we snapped..

Minus the chops.. isn't he so handsome?!

Linds Joey and baby Black :)

We left the concert exhausted.. I won't lie, all I could think about at that point was how many hours until my alarm went off.. Sorry babe, I wasn't thinking about Valentine's lovin' ;).. We got in the car and headed home.. or so I thought ;).. He told me there was one last surprise under my seat.. I pulled this out..

He had arranged for both of us to have the next day off.. He got in touch with my boss and cleared it though him and everything.. I had NO idea! We drove to the Anniversary Inn on South Temple and had a night all to ourselves! I was shocked and SO happy! We walked into the room and it was covered in rose petals.. along with chocolate covered strawberries :) See what I mean by romantic? He packed our bag all by himself.. He had to be sneaky about it, since he knew I'd notice if anything was missing :) He packed a spare toothbrush, bought an extra tube of toothpaste, my pajamas and a hat for the next day.. He told me he forgot my make up on purpose.. because I don't need it. Awwwe... How lucky am I?! He ran my bath and snuck out a baggie with my birth control pill for the night.. He wasn't about to forget that ;).. He then pulled a hair tie out of his pocket so I could pull up my hair.. Does this man know me or what?! I can NOT sleep with my hair down.. I pull it up every night to sleep.. not very attractive, I wouldn't blame him if he forgot it.. but he didn't.. He really is the best! We had a long hot bath and talked and laughed the rest of the night. What a romantic! It was SO nice to spend the night away and together.. I love him so much! Breakfast arrived at 9 the next morning.. We ate and he seemed in a bit of a rush.. We got dressed and headed towards home.. again, I thought ;) He told me he had one last surprise.. He was on the phone with work and 'missed' our exit.. And the next.. He finally let me in on the surprise.. We were going to pick up Kailee bug from school :) I was SO excited! Almost as excited as she was when she saw her daddy ;) It was a surprise for her too! She was holding her best friends hand walking out and saw him, dropped her hand and RAN to jump in his arms! So sweet! We all got to spend a fun day together.. We went to Beauty and The Beast at the theater and played lemonade stand at home. What a PERFECT day! I love my Valentines so much! Not sure how this perfect day will ever be topped!

Hope you all enjoyed yours as well! I am a huge believer in love everyday, not just Valentines.. but getting EXTRA spoiled, was really nice! I love you babe.. Thanks for being so good to me! And for being such a good daddy! We love you! XoXo

And this cute thing! NO way could it get better than that!


Aubrey A said...

Awww, how sweet! What a fun weekend! You deserve to be spoiled. Heck, we all do! :) Love it!!!

Aubrey A said...

Oh and I soooo wish you would've gotten a picture of Jacob as "Joe Dirt" guy. I'd pay money to see that! :P

Heather said...

Wow! Good job Jake! Josh told me about this the other day. How are some guys just so good at the romance stuff? Sounds like an awesome time.