Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Birthday to my bestie!!!

Where to begin? How about with the GREATEST person I know? The BEST friend in the world and the most REAL? I could go on and on and on.. She’s my very best friend!

Like I said in a previous post, I have been SO lucky to have a group of girls that I basically ‘grew up’ with. Not the traditional way, we haven’t been best friends since Kindergarten.. but we literally ‘grew up’ together. All of lifes biggest changes, disappointments and growth came while we were besties.We became inseparable in 2003. The beginning of my sophomore year. But Morgan and I became that way a year earlier. I can truly say I’ve had my ups and downs with every friend (who hasn’t?!) except Morgan. We’ve been there for each other through it all.. BAD break ups, make ups, deaths, births, weddings, funerals, birthdays, school, jobs, holidays, vacations, and everything between.. Though I have 3 other girls I consider ‘besties’ and my husband and sister of course!.. this chick is my best friend in the world! She’s been my rock,  my confidant, my strength when I didn’t have any… and frankly, she’s my ‘Lacy’. I’m sort of known as the friend who puts others in their place, calls them out, etc. She’s the only one who does that for me.. Not that the others don’t try, but she’s the one that REALLY gets to me.. The only one that can say (without argument from me) that I’m wrong. She’s been there from day 1 and will be there til the end. The kind of friendship that doesn’t really sway.

I remember our first Summer as best friends. She was 15 and I was 14. I slept at her house a good 6 times a week! We were INSEPARABLE.. Kelli was and still is, my 2nd mom.. I finally stopped being afraid of Blair that Summer, Josh became a big brother, and her family became mine. Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents.. they’re all my family... They treated me like one of their own from the very beginning. I remember very clearly planning our cabin trip over the 4th of July one year.. And Blair was talking to Kelli about what ‘the girls’ wanted to do. I remember hearing ‘girls’ and then thinking about it real hard.. He was talking about Morg and I. I was a part of it, part of their family.. They only had one daughter, but after that Summer, they had 2. They’ve been there every since.. Kelli has supported me through BAD relationships, while Blair called me a dumb ass during them ;) They were just what I needed.. Because at that time, I was WAY too smart for my own parents! I remember planning our nights around when Blair was working because Kelli always let us stay out later.. Looking back, she was always awake when we got home though :) I learned how I wanted to parent a teenager from her…She’d come in with her jammies on and hair on top of her head (maybe that’s where I got it??) and ask about our night. We were SO honest with her! We told her everything.. Not that I didn’t have a great relationship with  my own mom, I did.. But she was worried about Linds and Riley too. Plus I was her first teenager, Kelli had done this before.. Morg was her last, so she was pretty chill about it all.. Much like my mom was/is with Riley.. I can think of a million memories with the W fam.. Island Park, Lake Powell, Orem for fire training, shopping, swimming at Grandma Jones’, 3 trips a week to Quilted Bear, running out to ATK, doing crafts and just hanging out downstairs talking and laughing.. I could go on and on. I love my Westergard fam! So grateful to be ‘a part’ of such an AMAZING group of people..

Now that we’ve grown up, we don’t spend NEAR the time together that we used to. Some days it makes me really sad, but for the most part I just feel so blessed.. I get to have the best of the best when it comes to friends. She is my best friend and I am hers. I never have to wonder if our relationship will fade. It won’t.. EVER. Kelli told us all the time when we were younger that we needed to cherish our friendship, they don’t happen like this often, and not everyone has a Morgan or a Lacy. I’ll never forget that, and I think about it often. She’s so right.. Not everyone has that.. I’m so lucky I do!! If I’m ever in a spot where I’m not sure what to do, what to say, or if I just need to cry or vent.. I call Morg. Our lives are very different now. We both have full time jobs, husbands and families.. but one thing will never change..

We truly will be BEST FRIENDS FOREVER! :)


Love you Morg, sorry its SO late, but I hope you had a Happy Birthday!!

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