Thursday, July 5, 2012

Welcome Baby Boy!!

I remember one night in October getting the phone call. THAT phone call. The one where I saw it was Linds (at a super weird time) and knew.. she was preggo :) I answered, she was in tears, and asked me if I was ready to be an aunt again! I cried, she cried and we laughed.. I was SO happy! I was able to go to her first appointment with her listened to little man's heart beat for the first time, and again.. we cried. and laughed and we were SO happy. I remember her asking me to be in the delivery room when it was time, I was so honored and excited to be a part of the whole experience..

Nine months FLEW. Like they always do.. It was Friday afternoon (June 8th) and I got THAT phone call again. I answered, she was crying and I knew.. It was time!  She said the doctor wanted to admit her that night . Her blood pressure was pretty high and they wanted to get her started. Plus little man was measuring quite big.. 8lbs 11oz at that point if I remember right. I was SO excited!

I had plans that night with my girlfriends to go to City Creek for Morg’s birthday. Since they weren’t admitting her until 9, I decided I’d go do that, and head to Ogden when we were done. At a little before 7, I got the call that they were going to do 8 instead of 9. I remember feeling so nervous for her! So excited and anxious and just had CRAZY butterflies. I wanted to be strong for her, but I was nervous too! I cut our shopping trip short (thanks for understanding girls :)) and was on my way to O-town.

I got to Lindsay and Joey’s house and my mom and Riley were already there. We sat and chatted awhile.. all of us talking a million words a minute… we were SO excited! we couldn’t wait to get up to the hospital! We pulled in and Joey called. Said they were still getting her hooked up to give them a little while.. so we drove to Smiths and walked around, grabbed our late night snacks and headed back up there. we walked into the room and there she was.. in her pretty blue and white gown ;). It was FINALLY here! I was already a boobing mess! (That’s weird.) We were in there for a couple of hours and just talked and laughed. They had put her on an iv to get her thinned and the doctor told her it’d probably be the next day before the little one arrived. We decided to go back to their house and catch some zzz’s. I kept my phone right next to my ear all night.

We woke up pretty early Saturday and headed to the hosiptal. She was at a 5 and doing well. Her doctor had broke her water at 2:45 that morning, it was a slow process, but she was a rockstar! At 1:00 pm she was ready to start pushing. I remember thinking to myself THIS was the part I was worried about. Not the physical side.. she’s strong, she’s played sports her whole life, I knew she could handle the pain and that her body would be able to do it. I was worried about her mind though. Emotionally and mentally getting through that block that says ‘I can’t’. She pushed. And she pushed and she pushed. She had the most AMAZING nurses and that rockstar pushed for 3 hours! At a little before 4, the nurse called her doctor and told her it was time. She was exhausted at that point and her labor just wasn’t progressing. The doctor showed up and it was all a blur from there. She checked her and calm as could be, told her that she had 2 options at this point. She could have a c-section, or she could push a couple more times with her help (forceps). Lindsay looked at her and said ‘lets do this’. I was so proud of her! Two contractions later (and me deciding to go with adoption ;)) there he was at 4:13 pm.

There was that sweet baby she carried in her tiny body for 9 months. The baby boy her and her husband created. The baby boy that would forever change their lives, and all of ours, as well. Brody Kevin Black. 9lbs 15oz and 22 inches long. Yes. That’s real. No typo. My sister is a rockstar! The Dr Johnasson told her she’d have pushed all day, that big boy wasn’t coming without some help.

I was floaded with emotions and couldn’t wait to share the news with Jake and Riley and the rest of the family (who were listening at the door). I stood there, next to my little sister, and just couldn’t help but be so proud. She was amazing. She was so strong and patient and every other thing that she should have been. She was my hero right then.. Lindsay, YOU ARE AMAZING! – thank you for letting me be a part of the miracle of bringing a child into the world. Thank you for being such an amazing example, thank you for being so strong. Thank you for giving me the sweetest nephew and thank you for being the best sister in the world! I LOVE YOU!


Aubrey A said...

Such a neat experience! She had a HUGE baby! Amazing!!! I love birthing stories. :)

Kate said...

So happy for her ad you lace! I know from the other side of the experiance just how speacial it is to have your sister their! Lindsey is lucky to have you as a sister and support! Love ya!

Giles Fam said...

Oh my gosh!! what a sweet post! Thanks for telling us the birth story! I always love reading those. I can't wait to meet the little (I mean big :) guy! :)