Thursday, June 5, 2014

Memorial Day

I have always loved Memorial weekend, but this year felt extra special. A whole lot less like a 3 day weekend, and a whole lot more time focusing on those whose lives have been lost fighting for my freedom and remembering the special people in my life who are no longer on this Earth. I could blab for days about how much I enjoyed my weekend with my family, but pictures have always been worth more than words.. Here are some of my favorites!

Grandpa Myron gives the BEST back rubs!

How sweet is this picture of Brody looking at his great grandma?

I didn't realize this picture was being taken but am thankful Lindsay caught my moment of reflection. It was a pretty emotional day. SO many beautiful memories!

We love you Justin!!

What a beautiful day spent with family! We drove up to Tremonton Saturday morning and hit the Garland cemetery to see my Grandma Giles and Aunt Melanie. My Grandma passed away 8 years ago in April and I still miss her every day. I think of her often and hope she is proud of me. I still have yet to see a love like that of the one my grandparents shared. My grandpa ADORES her, and still signs all of our birthday cards with both of their names.  My Aunt Melanie passed away when she was just 5 years old. I always wonder what she would be like. My mom's sisters are so dang fun that I can only imagine how much fun they would have with another one! My mom was really close in age to Melanie, less than 2 years I think, and side story to that.. After Melanie passed away, my Grandma and Grandpa sent my mom to their friends' home while they took care of some things. Those friends of theirs happen to be my best friend, Morgan's grandparents. My Grandma didn't ever speak much of Melanie, I think the pain was still too hard to bare, so I was lucky to hear of some stories from Grandma and pa Westergard. :)
Jake, Linds and I then headed out to Riverside to see my Justin. We didn't make it up there last year due to being out of town, but the year before we did and when we pulled up Justin's grandparents were there. Well, what would you know, there they were this year! I hugged his grandma and the tears fell. I still don't understand and comprehend that he isn't here with us. I know he's in a better place but I sure miss him! Thank you, Jake and Linds for taking the time to go out of your way to stop there with me. Meant a lot to me to have a few quiet moments there to remember so many fun memories. He was a very special person to me, and always will be!
Next was off to the Tremonton cemetery to see my McMurdie family,  my great-grandma Robbins and Cole. I was so lucky to have two of my great-grandma's for so many years! They were both remarkable women, hard workers, and most importantly loving wives and mothers. I am so blessed to have been raised with so many strong women in my life. And Grandma Jeri, like it or not, you're a spitting image of Grandma Faye! I am quite sure there isn't another woman in this world you could better exemplify than her. What a wonderful woman she was!
Next up was a yummy lunch at Maddox with most of Giles clan! I loved being able to spend the day with them! just doesn't happen enough, and let's be honest.. quite possibly the funniest, wildest, craziest family there is! I LOVE my Giles fam! Thanks for organizing a fun day, Grandpa! We love you! We sure missed the ones who couldn't make it!
Jake and I then headed back South. We wanted to take Roger out to see his mom and dad's graves in Draper. He had already been that morning, but said it was raining, and Jake and I wanted to go anyway, so we stopped and grabbed him. Man, am I glad we did! He shared some really cool stories with us, and it was one of those times with him that I know Jake and I both cherished.  One of those days we'll look back on and remember fondly. Sadly, there were a few gravesites we missed that we were hoping to see, Grandpa Job in Lehi and Jake's best friend Gary. Jake stops every once in awhile to see Gary since we live so close to that cemetery, but we were sad we didn't stop there. Sadly, sometimes being a more convenient location makes it easier to say 'next time' or 'tomorrow'. They were both most definitely in our thoughts!
The rest of our weekend was spent where else, but my mom's pool enjoying the GORGEOUS weather! We had a blast! Jake also took me on a couple of runs and we got to spend some time at the Oquendo's for a Memorial Day BBQ. What awesome friends we have! All in all, a wonderful weekend! As always, we missed our Kbug, but she had a blast camping with her mom's family!


Longest run to date!

LOVING my Polar FT7 watch!!!

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Aubrey A said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate Memorial Day! It feels so good to take time to reflect…and I love holidays that allow us to do that. :) See you soon!