Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Kailee's Recent Funnies!

These are some of my favorites as of late :

Kailee said the prayer and blessed the missionaries and Riley per usual, but Jake didn't hear her.
J: Kailee, did you bless Riley?
K: YES, I blessed the missionaries, he isn't the only missionary in our family, ya know?!

We were at Lagoon in line waiting for a ride, Kailee was talking with her friend, Sadie.
S: Kailee will you pllleeease ride this one with me?
K: No, I only ride new rides with one of my parents because I'm scared. Except for one time, I rode with my Uncle Riley's girlfriend Andi, but she's not his girlfriend anymore because he's on a mission.
S: Where is he on a mission?
K: Georgia. And did you know what? When I'm 7 he'll be home. And he saw a 10 foot alligator there and he got so close to it that it hissed at him!
S: (dramatically squeals)
K: Because alligators only live in the South, and Georgia is in the South.
I love overhearing her cute conversations!

Lindsay and her family were at our house. They were sleeping over so the girls were laying on Jake and I's bed watching a movie. We were telling them goodnight and how much we loved them. Lindsay told Kailee that she should be hers, and Brooklynn should be mine because of our hair color...
Linds: Kailee, don't you want to come live with me?
K: No... I'm not ready to have a little brother.
L: Ohh, you're not?
K: No.
B: Well, neither was I, but I didn't have a choice!
ha ha ha! We all died! Kailee's response was so unexpected, and then to have little Brooklynn throw that out made us laugh! Too funny!

We were looking at some of my old pictures, and there is one of me at my prom with Riley. He's about 10ish? Anyway, I'm standing behind him knelt down hugging him.
K: WHOA! He's THAT much your younger brother?!
I guess since she's known him, he's been taller than me, so to her, he is older. I like it! ;) ha ha!

Kailee was acting crazy, as usual. I gave her a funny look...
(FULL of sass she says) Doooon't juuudge me!

At the viewing for Grandma Andrus (Kailee's great-grandma) and Kailee was sitting next to me and acting pretty restless. Roger and JoLene were up greeting guests, and there was a break in the line so I told her to go give Grandma Andrus a hug. She looks at me puzzled and says
"Grandma Andrus in the case or out of the case?"
ha ha ha ha ha! That was  a tough one to hold back!

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Aubrey A said...

In the case, or out of the case! Oh that made me laugh out loud! Love that little girl. Her conversations make her sound so grown up!!! Stop growing!!! :)