Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I'm baaaack!

I keep thinking to myself, today is the day.. And you know what? Today IS the day. I don't keep a journal, and I look back on my old blog posts and LOVE reflecting on those wonderful memories! I love looking at all of the pictures and laughing or crying, while thinking of all of those fun times! So I decided to start fresh.  Rather than try to go back I'm going to be better going forward!  I'm going to spend less time formatting, and more time journaling! :) We'll start with our weekend recap.. that's where all the fun is, right?!
Waking up to Kailee on a school day! She got to sleep over since Jake had the day off, we were all in Heaven and it started my morning off so great!
Lunch with my hubby at the fabulous Porcupine
After a long day at work, home to relax before our 5k Saturday morning.
Got to open an early Mother's Day gift, a Polar FT7 and a new hot pink jacket for the race!
Up bright and early to catch Trax downtown
My first 5k that I trained for, hit my goal of NOT stopping and finished in 33 minutes
Jake finished in 28. he's amazing!
Fun times with my great work friends and Jake and JoLene.
Finally tried the sandwich shop 'Riley's' and the caramel shake was worth every last calorie!
Decided to have a nap, which didn't happen for me. So instead watched 2 hours of Bravo.
Very comparable to a nap, actually ;)
Headed out to Los Cucos for date night. YUM!
Went to Brandon and Jamie's to catch up with our fabulous friends

Woke up and was SPOILED by my hubby (and Kailee)
New Nikes, work out tanks, kettle bell, shaker, sweatband, etc. the most genuine card, and was able to finally 'go find' Kailee's gift for me that brought me to tears. WHAT would I do without her?!
Went to JoLene's to see her and Grandma Job before church
Headed up to my mom's to spend the day
She made us a fabulous lunch... Turkey steaks, a family favorite!
and just as we sat down to eat..
YAY! Elder Robbins was able to FaceTime!
Spent the day hanging with Jake, Mom, Joey and Linds and Brody.
Enjoyed the hot tub with the little monster on an unusually cold May day.



Highlights : talking to sweet Riley and finding out he is the new AP in Macon, GA! We were all so proud and excited for him in this new adventure on his last stretch of his mission! He reminded us when he was getting ready to tell us goodbye that only one more call, and he'd be home! :) YAY! Listening to him laugh about Kailee's new saying "Don't judge me" Running my 1st 5K and feeling great! Spending time with our wonderful families and celebrating motherhood!
Low times: Missing K bug as usual. Man, its not easy! She was right where she should be on Mother's Day, with her awesome mommy.. But we missed her! She's the closest thing I have to a baby, and she is Jake's WORLD, so holidays are always hard without her. Missing Grandma Giles and feeling sad for my mom knowing her mom isn't here to celebrate Mother's Day. And last but not least, not being with my sweet Grandma Jeri. Quite possibly the best example of selfless, Christlike love in the world.
I hope all of you wonderful mommies had a great day! You all deserve it! You have the toughest job there is! I hope you all felt loved and special on your day! Thankful for all of you for your beautiful examples! And thanks to Jake for making an extra hard day for me, as special as possible! I love you! :)

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Aubrey A said...

YAY! I love that you're back to blogging! YAY! (I don't think I can say that enough!!) I love reading your thoughts on things too. :) So fun. I am so proud of you--running a 5K! AWESOME! I wanted to run a 5K once upon a time…never happened. Maybe when I come back we can train for one together. How fun would that be?? :) I'm so glad you got to to talk to your brother, and that you got to spend time with your Mom and Sis. I love how much you love everyone! Thanks for being such a good example to me of what unwavering love should look like. As always, both Kailee and Jacob are lucky to have you!!