Saturday, November 17, 2012

Our Weekend With The Blacks!

Lindsay and Joey asked us to watch their kiddos for a couple days while they took their first full weekend
away. We were SO excited to have B&B over to play! We had the best weekend
and were so glad to help Lindsay and Joey have some adult time!

They left on Thursday so Grandma Merrilee had a sleepover and took care of them while Jake and I
worked Friday. She surprised us and I had 2 special little visitors at work that day. Brooklynn got to color
at my desk while I ate Brody’s cheeks. I showed them off to everyone in the office while Grandma got
a little work done. After work we patiently (or not so much in B’s case) waited for Kailee Bug to come
play! Her mommy brought her over and I didn’t see them the rest of the night unless they needed a
snack, dinner or a drink ;) those little girls played their hearts out! They love each other a lot! Now that
Miss B is getting a voice and doesn’t just do whatever Kailee says, there is a little more arguing, but they
still get along so well! LOVE those little divas! They played dress up, school, mommy and baby, every
kind of animal, and we even had a little family game of Candyland! Bathtime was definitley the biggest hit and they were both such good listeners!

Saturday the kiddos were SO good while Jake and I watched the BYU vs Notre Dame game. Dang BYU.
Get my hopes up to shoot ‘em down ;). (side note:) There was one time Brody was sleeping and BYU
scored.. Jake and I quietly freaked out and were jumping up and down and hugging.. I looked over and
Kailee was watching us with the biggest smile on her face. Made me happy. One of those moments
where I hope she could see and feel how much Jake and I love each other, and how much fun we have
together. One day when she’s old enough (cough. 30) I hope she looks for someone who will treat her
just like her daddy treats me : ).

After the game we got dressed up, well the kiddos did, and it was off to Grandma Andrus's for her
annual Halloween party! We had so much fun and are SO grateful JoLene was so thoughtful and
welcoming to B&B. Meant a lot to me, and I know it meant the world to Linds and Joey. How cute is she
to do all this? She goes ALL out! We had fun hitting the pinata, trick-or-treating down the hallway, and
eating lots of yummy food! Thanks for such a great day JoLene!

As much work as 3 kiddos can be, I have to admit. My husband is one hot daddy! ;) He was SO good to
help, hold Brody, help the girls, and just be there for whatever I needed. Just ONE more reassurance
that this guy is the greatest daddy. I’m SO so lucky to know that and to see it! Brody would smile every
time Jake was around.. He isn’t a cuddly little one, until Uncle Jake was holding him. MELT.MY.HEART!
Seriously. Almost made me want to make a baby a year early ;) I kid, I kid (sort of).

And Kailee Bug..
what an AWESOME helper she is. She was so patient and understanding when my arms were full, or
when I needed them to keep their voices down a little.. She is going to be the best big sister ever. So
grateful that she’s such a good example and so good to the little ones. I brag all the time, but she really
is the best!

Thanks Linds and Joey for trusting us with you babes! I loved the times we’d be sitting on the floor and
Brooklynn would just come sit on my lap and hug me. She told me she just wanted me to “hold her for
a minute”. Her sweet little arm around my neck while she played with my hair was thee BEST feeling.
Then your little man.. I can’t imagine anything better than waking up to that cute smile everyday! Loved
holding him, secretly loved when he’d fuss if I left the room, and just being able to love on him without
anyone taking him away! I always wanted to be a fun aunt, since I had the best aunts in the world.. and
it was so nice to get to spend that time with your kiddos.Hopefully someday they'll think I'm that cool too! Love them so much! GO TO VEGAS AGAIN! ;)

PS. Waking up to this in our bed? HEAVEN!


Aubrey A said...

Fun!! You are an awesome Aunt. My boys love you too! Nothing better than cousins (and nieces/nephews for that matter too)!!!

Kenzie Hadley said...

How cute!!!! Does K sleep in just her panties? Oakley does, she says its too hot and not comfy haha!

Lindsay Black said...

Cute little post!! My kiddos LOVE you guys!! Thank you for watching them!!