Saturday, October 27, 2012

Our time with A&A and boys!

Whats going on in our lives..

Last Sunday (now 2 Sundays ago).. Ahhh.. Best day! I had to hold this surprise in for over a month! THAT was tough! Aaron and Aubrey and boys were coming to town!! We’ve missed them SO much, and although they’ve only been gone since July, it felt like eternity! Aaron was going to be in town for work for the week, and it so happened to work out that the family could join him! Aubrey let me in on the surprise so I could help coordinate getting everyone to Sunday dinner for the big surprise.. Which turned out to be a little
harder than expected.. I ended up having to tell Jake the Friday before so he could help get his brothers
and their families there without me blowing cover. I am not a very good liar, apparently, but he was able
to use his ‘older brother’ voice and get them all there. ;) They may or may not have thought we were announcing a new baby.. but it worked! ;) SO much fun to see everyone’s faces light up when Aaron, Aubrey and the boys pulled up! We all miss them so much and it was so nice (AND NORMAL!) to have a loud and crazy family dinner! I swear, time flies in every aspect other than their 3 year stint in Washington. Is it over yet?! Ugh. Love that girl and missed her fun family! It was nice to get to sit at the table with my other 3 S-I-L’s and chat… not like we don’t do that without Aubrey, but its just not the same. I remember the first few family dinners.. didn’t really know my place yet.. Wasn’t comfortable enough yet to sit with the girls, so I floated between the kids and Jake. Now, we park our bums on the kitchen table and laugh, vent, yell at the screaming/running kids, sometimes cry, and just enjoy each others company! It’s the best.. the guys are usually in the front room watching whatever game is on, or playing their guitars and singing.. And the kids are running wild with Grandma on their heels ;) I know a lot of people don’t enjoy their time with their in-laws, which makes me sad. I can honestly and genuinely say, I look forward to the 2nd Sunday of every month! We all have our quirks, right?! Love my Andrus time and I’m blessed to have 4 guys I consider brothers and 3 new sisters who are also my friends! Aubrey, thanks for being our ‘leader’.. It just isn’t the same without you. Your glow, your sweet laugh, and your crazy boys! We miss you so much! Washington is sure lucky to have the 5 of you, but they only get 3 years. We want you back!! Xo

We had a busy week ahead and a fun night planned with the A&A clan.. We decided to hit the corn
maze on Wednesday and were so glad to squeeze in an extra night while they were in town. Kailee had a
blast with ‘her boys’, as she called them and was so excited to show them her Hello Kitty room. I’m sure
they were super impressed! ;) They played and we all scarfed some pizza and had a nice chat, then off to
the corn maze. Kailee insisted on holding Evan’s hand.. That is after she realized that we weren’t lying..
this was NOT the haunted corn maze ;). It was so cute to watch Evan be so patient with her. She loves
those boys a lot! Makes me happy! We finished the maze in record time and decided it wouldn’t be a complete night with out some ice cream, so we ended our night at Leatherbys. My first time!! YUM! My belly was a little achy, so I didn’t get to enjoy it like I normally would.. meaning I didn’t eat a HUGE ice cream and THEN pick at Kailee and Jakes ;), but it was still fantastic and I can’t wait to go back! Kailee also had a yummy hot chocolate and she thought that was the coolest thing ever!! She really is the cutest!!

Thanks again for a great ‘extra’ night. We sure love you guys and miss you like CRAZY! So glad to have
you as family! And Kailee’s right.. “Why do they have to live at Washington”? ;) Okay, okay.. we’ll be
patient.. But our countdown is on until the end of December! Love you all!

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Aubrey A said...

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks!! Ah!! It seems like just yesterday. (That's got to be a good sign right???) We had such a good, wonderful, marvelous time down there & I kept telling myself I should be going home (in Kaysville), not back up to WA. :( *Sigh* The boys did have a wonderful time on our "extra" night out! And they were super-duper impressed with Kailee's safe! They thought that was beyond neat!!! :) Oh, and how come I get the kids who take retarded photos??! :P

Thanks for helping me pull off the surprise!! It was soooo much fun to see everyone, and we miss you all equally as much! I don't think I'm the "leader" though. . .I'm always just around for the ride. :) AND I couldn't ask for better people to be with. LOVE YOU!