Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Layton High School Competition and Weekend Shenanigans

Such a great weekend with family and friends! Saturday morning it was up early to surprise Brody at his soccer game where he scored 2 goals! He was so cute running up the sides yelling the score! Makes me so excited for Hank to play someday!

Not many pictures, but SO many people there to support our K bug at her dance competition at Layton High School. I get emotional sometimes thinking of all the love that surrounds her, and wondering if she has a clue how loved she is! Not only does she have FOUR parents, she has FOUR extended families who absolutely adore her! 

Her team knew their effort wasn't great on their Jazz dance, but their Lyrical was awesome! So proud of her and her hard work! So sad I didn't get more pictures of her with family. 

 In attendance: Grandma and pa Reynolds, Nate and Ella, Grandma Merrilee, Lindsay, Brooklynn and Brody, Great Grandma and pa Mellor(from Burley!) and Great Grandma and pa Robbins(from Tremonton!). To say she is loved and supported is truly a huge understatement! We are so very thankful for all of your support!

We again had quite a bit of time between dances so we went out to lunch on Jason's suggestion of Pace's in Layton. It was super yummy and the Kailee and Brooklynn loved sitting outside while the rest of us were inside! And as we were getting ready to leave, a car pulled up in the parking lot and it was Aaron and Aubrey! So fun to see them too! 

After the competition Kailee and Brooklynn were having a sleepover at Grandma Merrilee's and Hank was staying with Lindsay so Jake and I could go out for his birthday! It was fun to surprise him, hide Hank's overnight bag, and have some adult time with my hubby! We went out to The Break sports bar in Daybreak with some friends for yummy food and drinks! We had a great time! Side Note: we were driving over to Lindsay's car to drop Hank and his stuff off, Hank was sitting on my lap and when he saw Lindsay he stood up.. RIGHT into the windshield! Yep, shattered it. Now that I've done that to BOTH kiddos, I'm never letting them sit in the front with me again! :( I felt so dang bad! Also, don't call CPS. We were in a parking lot.. ;)

Sunday it was up to get the kiddos and lunch at ParkStone for Jake's birthday lunch with my fam! So much good food! Yikes! We headed home to find out we had scored lower bowl tickets to the Jazz game that night! WHOA WHOO! We had a blast, ended up being on the 5th row! Thanks so much, mom and Tony for the fun night!!! GO JAZZ! Hank loved it! Then he fell asleep in the 4th quarter and slept through the most insane noise ever! Loved it! And THAT folks, is why we've chosen to take our kids everywhere! He is used to it, he didn't try to run around, he just sat on my lap and watched the game! We love taking our kids places and experiencing things like that through their eyes! We have some pretty dang good kids who are well behaved and SO MUCH DANG FUN!


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