Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The BIG 3-3!

My lover turned 33! I swear, he gets better looking every year! Love him so much it hurts sometimes! I thought I'd do my favorite 33 things about him to celebrate!

1- Every year on HIS birthday, he takes his mom flowers for her 'BIRTH'-day. Seriously? How sweet is that?
2- He has never once snubbed his nose at changing a diaper. Ever. He helps with ALL things when it comes to parenting.
3- He still tells me thanks for dinner every night before bed. 6 1/2 years later and every night he thanks me!
4- He still holds my hand. EVERYWHERE we go. You guys, this is huge for me and our marriage. I love it!
5- He works so hard for our family! He went into a brand new industry at 30 years old and is continuing to make everyone around him fall in love with him! SO proud of him.
6- He is the BIGGEST people person that I know. He loves people, can talk to anyone, and makes everyone feel special. I LOVE that about him!
7- Kailee still calls him daddy, and I love it. Their bond is amazing. She adores him and respects him so much and it's the sweetest to see them interact. He's going to have a HARD time the next few years.. His baby girl is growing up! I swear, he was born to be a girl daddy!
8- Hank can't wait for him to come home from work! Sometimes he runs right back to mama, but when he hears the garage open, the excitement on his face is priceless! I can't wait to watch them play catch, fish and be boys together!
9- He treats my family SO dang good! He hasn't considered them in-laws... maybe ever!? They all adore him and the feeling is undoubtedly mutual!
10- He LOVES shopping. Almost more than me.. And I'd consider it a top hobby of ours. YIKES, sometimes that doesn't make for the best combo.. But it's so fun to be able to shop WITH him.. We love browsing stores on weekends, and we'd do it all day if our bank account would allow ;)
11- He says sorry. Let me never forget how big of a deal this is. 
12- He tells me and our babies ALL the time how much he loves us. 
13- He still kisses me and grabs my bum when I'm in the kitchen and I love it! I know it's gross for Kailee, especially. But I'm happy she gets to see us show affection!
14- He is and always has been SO good at making sure the kids respect me. He doesn't give an OUNCE of leniency there and I appreciate it more than he knows!
15- He LOVES his coffee, tacos, pizza, burgers and beer! But he is SO good at eating healthy too! He inspires me
16- He has loved me through ALL stages of our relationship. He loves me and kisses me and holds my hand whether I'm at my heaviest, thinnest, or 41 weeks pregnant ;) oooorrr 41 weeks postpartum ha ha!
17- He is such a loyal friend. He loves his friends and will defend them to anyone or anything.
18- His laugh is one of my favorite sounds in the world! It's infectious!
19- He loves his Country, and has taught Hank to put his hand over his heart when he sees the American flag.
20- He still texts me during the day to see how our day is going. I love that. We may not text ALL day like we used to, but seeing a text from him asking about me and/or the kids still gives me butterflies. 
21- I LOVE watching sports with him and sharing that passion. It's something we talk about at least once a day and it's so fun to chat about what we heard on sports radio, or what we saw on Twitter regarding BYU, The Jazz, The Braves, Patriots or Steelers. We joked the other day about how much our relationship is based on sports!
22- He smells SO good, always! His cologne is.. YUMMY! ;)
23- He gives the worlds best hugs. Sometimes when I'm having a bad day one of his big long hugs completely changes it. I never feel as safe as I do when he's hugging me like that.
24- He is so supportive of everything I do. My job, my hobbies, Rodan + Fields. Anything and everything I do, he is 100% behind me.
25- He is the worlds loudest sneezer. Seriously. His sneezes make me jump!
26- He also (truly) believes he is quiet when he is getting ready. I swear, he even opens drawers loud! I creep around so he can't hear my footsteps when he's sleeping, and he's the deep sleeper! I hear EVERYTHING so if he's even remotely loud I'm up. And he's loud.. ;)
27- He really doesn't ever complain. He is positive 99% of the time and keeps me that way too.
28- He owns more pairs of socks than any human on this planet, I'm sure of it.. Don't get me started on hats and watches!
29- He cracks his knuckles ALL the time.. That's how I know when he's actually going to get out of bed. He cracks his knuckles and his wrists and EVERYTHING before getting up. 
30- He takes a lot of pride in how he looks. I love that about him. From his shirt to his shoes, he's got an awesome sense of fashion!
31- He is the best daddy. He loves his kids more than anything and would do anything for them. He plays, he teaches, he disciplines and does all the things you'd ever ask for in a father. None of us are perfect parents, but our kiddos will look back and know without a doubt that their daddy loved them more than life!
32- He is an amazing husband. He is so caring, kind, loving, protective and just the best! Our life and our marriage aren't perfect. In fact, far from it. But when I think of the list I wanted in a man, he checks off every single one of them. I want everyone to feel as loved as I do. I want everyone to feel as safe as I do. Marriage is the best when there is a man like him!
33- He is my very best friend! I tell him everything, I turn to him when I'm sad, when I'm happy and every emotion in between! Having a marriage based on friendship is more important to me all the time. He's my everything!

I love you, babe! Happiest birthday! Thanks for choosing to live this life with me! I love sharing it with you! xoxo


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