Tuesday, January 10, 2012

25 Random Facts

I did this awhile ago and it was SO much fun to laugh at myself while I thought of all these weird things about me! Enjoy!

1. I HATE tomatoes. Love ketchup, salsa, tomato soup and bruchetta. Hate tomatoes.

2. I am absolutely terrified of butterflies! They creep me out when they 'flutter'.. Sounds funny.. but really, I am TERRIFIED!

3. I love reading about REAL murders and serial killers. John Gacy, Zodiac Killer, Ted Bundy, the gruesome details, pictures, all of it.. But one of my greatest fears is being murdered? Weirdo.

4. I have to get my toothbrush wet before AND after I put toothpaste on it.

5. I play with/smell my hair when I get nervous. If I'm wearing a scarf, I will play with or smell that..

6. I find it impossible to 'talk' to Bella in a normal voice. I have to use my 'Bella voice'.

7. I sometimes go 10 (or more.. : /) days between washing my hair. Gross? haha!

8. I still have my baby blanket (blanklet) and sleep with it every night..

9. It gives me anxiety if people take too big of a bite. I can't stand when they can barely chew because they have so much food in their mouth. It grosses me out, and really does make me feel anxious..

10. I have CRAZY natural curl to my hair.. not pretty, wavy curls.. but TIGHT, frizzy curls.. This is why I don't wash my hair often.. takes FOREVER to blow dry and straighten..

11. I have used the same lip gloss for about 10 years.. and put it on 50 times a day!

12. I like the smell of gas, glue and nail polish. Don't judge ;)

13. Not a huge fan of chocolate.. I NEVER crave it. I'll eat it here and there.. in little bits, but never just straight chocolate.

14. I LOVE babies.. Almost too much. Sometimes I have to stop myself from asking random strangers if I can hold their babies.. :) I hope this means I will be a good mom!

15. I make a 'to-do' list almost every day. Sometimes, I over plan.. It's the first thing I do in the mornings when I get to work.. Make my to-do list for the day.. I always have a grocery list, and sometimes even list what needs to be done at home. Its a good-bad thing. I like being organized but sometimes I need to be more flexible with my time..

16. I always wear earrings.. I have WAY too many pair, but I love them. It's about the only piece of jewelry (besides my wedding ring) that I always wear..

17. I don't like to wear socks. I only wear them when I HAVE to.. They make me feel restricted and hot. As soon as the shoes come off, so do the socks! It doesn't matter how cold my feet are, I never walk around in socks.

18. I like to 'get ready'.. I enjoy doing my make up, hair and picking out clothes.. I very rarely do anything without make up. Not because I'm insecure, but because I actually like to get ready. I love doing other peoples make up and hair.. that might be my dream profession.. Not necessarily a salon type stylist.. but more for things like music videos or runway shows.. I would LOVE it!

19. I get insanely LOUD hiccups. Ones that EVERYONE in the office can hear, and they HURT! People seem to find it funny, but at the wrong time and place, it's pretty embarrassing! Thanks Mom ;) She gets the same kind!

20. I can NOT stand Taylor Swift. If she is on the radio, it gets changed.. QUICK! Its not her music.. she has some really great songs.. but SHE bugs me. Awards shows? Really? You're THAT surprised?! You sold 80 billion albums in 2 days. You're so shocked you won that you have to grab your chest and gasp?! UGH! SOOO annoying!

21. If I am reading anything on the computer monitor, I highlight the words that I'm reading, not sure why? It doesn't help me see.. or keep me in my place, I just do it! I think I annoy the hell out of some of my co-workers with the 'clicking' of my mouse :)

22. I don't like my water too cold. It has to be the right temperature. We keep water bottles in the fridge at home and if they've been in there too long, I will dump out about 1/3 of the cold water, and add room temperature water to it.. My teeth are extremely sensitive and for some reason, I just don't like SUPER cold water..

23. If I leave the house with an unmade bed, that is ALL I will think about. It drives me CRAZY to have an unmade bed. I can't do it. It's one of the first things I do when we get up in the mornings. Something about a messy bed = messy room to me.. Not sure why. It doesn't bother me (too bad ;)) when people don't make their own, but if mine isn't made.. I go CRAZY! OCD?? Maybe..

24. I have not been to the dentist in.. ohhhhh.. 8 or 9 years? Eww? Ha! I do NOT like the dentist. Weird, since I'm obsessed with having white teeth.. But white teeth WITHOUT the dentist, thank you!

25. I LOVE TO CLEAN! Really! I do! I especially love cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms.. Dusting isn't my favorite, but I genuinely LIKE to do all of the other things. Nothing feels better than a clean home! If I go more than 5 or 6 days in between cleaning, it will start to make me grumpy. The second it's done, I feel like a new person! LOVE a clean home full of a yummy scentsy smell! :)

There ya have it, folks! I am a freak! Do any of you still want to be my friend?! :) Your turn! Coming up with 25 WEIRD things, is harder than you'd think! Every body hates spiders.. gotta come up with the WEIRD ones! Try it!


Giles Fam said...

First--you love to clean? come on over to my house! You can move it. :)
Secondly, (kind of like the first) you like to do people's hair and makeup? I don't. Come on over! :)
& Thirdly--You like to hold babies? Ummm...hello? Come on over! Plenty to choose from.
Are we seeing a pattern here? :)

And YES, you will make a great mom.
cute post!

Giles Fam said...

*move IN*

Aubrey A said...

I hate Taylor Swift too. Drives me crazy! I love reading about real life crimes as well. It's a very weird obession, I'll admit it. I hate socks as well. It's a trait I've passed on to my boys. I'm the same way about my bed too, must be made before I leave the room. And anytime you need a cleaning fix, you can visit our house too. :)

Mandy said...

YOU HATE TAYLOR SWIFT?!?!?!?!?! What are you crazy???? She can get to an annoying point but she is the BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW this is Kass :)