Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Special Day!

April 4th 2006 / April 4th 2011

Today is such a special day for me.. for a few reasons.

(April 4th 2006) 6 years ago today, my sweet Grandma Giles passed. In some ways, it feels like yesterday. In other ways, it feels like FOREVER. I miss her. I miss her house, her grilled cheese sandwiches, her candy dishes, her Sunkist fruit gems, pistachios, her treat drawer, and the way she called macoroni and cheese ‘Kraft’. I miss the way she let us run and play and destroy her home. How she ALWAYS let us paint.. with her good and definitely expensive brushes and paint. The way she laughed and always asked me who my friends ‘belong to’. I miss looking at her miniture tea sets and Boyds Bears. I miss her Yankee candles everywhere. I miss her Aussie hairspray and her Clinique EVERYTHING. I miss all of her Bath and Body Works lotions. I miss her old green chair. I miss the Creamies in the freezer. I miss the strawberry jam she made (still to this day- best I’ve EVER had). I miss the way she’d yell at Mandy and I for eating the olives before dinner. I miss getting in the hot tub.. even at noon in July, if that’s what we wanted. I could go on and on and on..

But most of all, I miss the way she was always so fair, and how she loved us all individually and as her grandkids. The way she’d make sure we all felt special. I miss her smile and her pretty eyes. And I especially miss her good hugs. I miss seeing that look in my Grandpa's eye everytime he looked at her. They were so in love..

It breaks my heart that Jake never had the chance to meet her. But I smile everytime I think about how much she’d LOVE him and Kailee. Someday, he’ll get to see why my mom is so amazing! Miss you everyday Grandma Mary Ellen! I love you!

(April 4th 2011) A year ago today, my sweet Jake asked me to marry him. A day I will never forget. One of the best days of my life. Just 7 short months after meeting him, he was asking me to be his wife. I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life! Though our pace moved quicker than most, I wouldn’t have had it any other way! I love him more than anything in this world. I love him for being my best friend and for bringing Kailee bug into my life. The day I said yes, my life forever changed! I had a family now. I love them more today than I ever have!

April 4th is a pretty special day in my life! Full of WONDERFUL memories and more love than I can possibly feel without a tear or two! <3


Aubrey A said...

Your grandma sounds like a very special woman. What a wonderful day. . .celebrating the life of someone that you love, and then deciding to spend life with the one you're in love with. :)

Lindsay Black said...

Oh Lacy that made me cry.. she was truly the best grandma!! :)
I love you and your hubby and grateful he chose you so we could have our little Kailee Bug!!!!

Kami and Joe said...

I miss going over to her house with linds to get on Msn to chat, sleeping at her house on school nights and walking to the middle school the next day. She was such a sweet lady and I feel lucky I got a little time to know her!

Giles Fam said...

Oh my gosh! What a sweet post, Lacy! I loved it. I loved hearing about you and Jake and especially all the sweet things you had to say about your grandma. i didn't really know her all that long before she passed away, but it was so fun for me and sky to spend time with his sweet grandparents who were still so in love...just as our love was beginning. It was really special and definitely showed me what a keeper I was dating. ;) Thanks for letting me in on those special things with your grandma. I loved it!