Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Jeona's Birthday!

Happy happy birthday to my pretty friend, Jeona! Jeona and I grew up in the same ward, but to say we were friends, may be a stretch ;) I did love that her parents brought Nutterbutters every Sunday to Sunday school, but her and I definitely werent fond of each other.. neither of us really know why… But lets be honest, its quite possible I was a tiny brat. Me!?!?  I know, sounds crazy.. ;)

Our first year of friendship came just after I started my sophomore year. We had our differences for a VERY long time. (Again, I was maybe a little brat? Shocking.) Regardless, over the next couple of years our friendship really blossomed. I remember hearing about this new “Travis” guy she was dating. Quickly, they were inseparable, and I got to know one of my favorite guys in the world! They are so lucky to have found each other! There were a couple of years just out of highschool that I spent a TON of time with them. I was able to be a part of their relationship from pretty much the beginning. I remember when she called to tell me she was pregnant with Drake. I think I called every day during her last couple of weeks to see how she was doing. I fell in love with him the day he was born and couldn’t wait to get up to Tremonton every weekend to hold him! I have SO many amazing memories with Jeona… San Francisco, Club Munns, her apartment, and hanging out at her and Trav’s new house where I spent MANY nights, rabbit hunting, and possibly some of my wilder days.. ;)

In the next year or two, life really changed for the both of us, and I started spending a lot more time in SLC. Her family grew by one, another baby came, pretty little Paisley. That’s when her and Trav’s life became more complex than any of us could have imagined. Drake and Paisley were both diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. I remember when she told me, I truly had no clue what it meant. I did my research, asked questions, and my heart broke. I knew there was no one better in the world to handle that trial than Travis and Jeona. To this day, they are one of the strongest couples I know. They’ve been through more hurt, worry and pain then any parents ever should, and you’d never know it. Both of them could light up a room with their smiles. I’m so blessed to know such fun and positive people. That is one thing about the two of them, they are so much FUN! It’s impossible to be around them and not laugh! They are constantly making fun of each other or laughing about something. It’s amazing to see such happiness when most would have crumbled under the pressure of taking care of two sick kids. 

Jeona, I think I can speak for all 3 of us girls when I say, we are SO lucky to have you in our lives. The example you are as a mother, a wife and a friend. Thanks for being so goofy, for letting us laugh at your blonde moments, and for constantly reminding us what life is about. FUN! Even when times are tough! Your strength and positive attitude amaze me and I’m so lucky to call you one of my best friends!

Thanks for such a fun and REALLY late birthday dinner/shopping! We need to take the guys there next time.. To Cheescake Factory, not shopping of course! ;) Love you! Hope you had a Happy Birthday! XoXo

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