Tuesday, April 28, 2015

St. George Weekend

Kailee and I were lucky enough to attend the Mommy/Kid weekend in St. George with some of our favorite friends! We seriously had a blast and let me brag for a second, thee world's most well behaved kids! Four moms and six kids made for the perfect mix! We had a blast! Kelly's parents were gracious enough to let us stay in their beautiful home and we were so thankful! What a gorgeous home! Kailee and I had our own room on one end of the house, the Oquendo/Haight families on the other with Kelly and Ryan in the main master. The kids who WEREN'T afraid to sleep away from their parents all slept in the office next to our room. I must admit, as bummed as the kids were that Kailee didn't want to sleep in there with them, I didn't mind it a bit! Pretty sure I had the cutest bed partner EVER! Love waking up to her sweet face and listening to her deep breathing. She truly is my happiness. Love her so much!

The drive down was a lot of fun, and the kids were so excited to stop at the petting zoo! ;) It was a nice break in the middle of the drive!

Kelly and Ryan were going to see Little Mermaid at Tuacahn which is why they were going down in the first place. Jamie and I decided to surprise our little ladies and join them! What a beautiful theater! Words can't describe the beauty! Even the kids were in awe! The way they can transform that place into any set is just beyond me. For the most part, Kailee enjoyed it. The girl is terrified of fireworks, so once we actually sat down she realized there would probably be fireworks and 'loud noises'. Especially (in her words) 'when King Tritan gets mad at Ariel and when Ursula tries to take over'. She wouldn't let go of my arm for the first few minutes and luckily calmed down a bit as the show went on. When the part neared she started to panic again, but we made it through! :) After the intermission (which was at almost 10 PM!) she really started to get nervous and asked me several times if we could leave before that part started. I may or may not have said "NO! Do you know how much money I paid for these tickets?! We are NOT leaving early, you are fine!".. Yeah, I swore I'd never say the 'money' thing.. but really girlfriend?! we are not leaving early! She ended up falling asleep about 20 minutes later on my lap. She slept through what was without a doubt the loudest fireworks/ending ever! Ha! Jamie and I were laughing the whole time! How she slept through that, was beyond me! I ended up having to carry her to the car, she was OUT! I was thankful though, as frustrated as I was I also didn't want her to be scared. I guess waking up at 6:30 that morning ended up getting the best of her!


We spent the rest of our time there hanging at the gorgeous pool, playing games, laughing, eating lots of yummy food, hunting for lizards, and watching our kiddos make memories.

So thankful for great friends and the memories Kailee and I will share of that special weekend. I'm thankful she WANTS to come with me, and that even without Jake around, she listens and behaves so well for me. I love her for that! Thanks Kelly and Ryan for such a fun weekend! And Jamie and Jayme for the fun drive there and home! I love you girls, and your kiddos!

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Aubrey A said...

Fun! Okay, so the picture of you and Kailee pretending to be little mermaids, reminded me more of one little mermaid and Jasmine. ;) So much fun!