Monday, September 28, 2015

21..errr 22 Weeks And it's a BOY!!!!

Best week ever! We had so much fun at our appointment and gender reveal party! Yay for baby BOY!

Due date:  Sept 3, 2015 , new date of Aug 27, 2015
What fruit are you: Papaya
How far along:  22 weeks
Next appointment:  May 15th
Gender:  Boy!

Total weight gain/loss:  +/- 14 lbs 
Exercise:  Same routine. I've been getting tired much faster this week though. Gotta push through!
Stretch marks:  None (yet!)
Swelling:  nope!
Maternity clothes: Yes! Daily now
Belly button: Inny

Sleep: Pretty good!
Food cravings: Donuts. Bad..
Food aversions: None
Symptoms: A few uncomfortable tummy moments this week, not nausea but pretty uncomfortable 
Movement:  Lots! It's been so fun! Especially active in the late afternoons/evenings. I felt my first kick this week! on the 21st
Labor signs: No

What I miss:  Sushi and my normal clothes
What I'm loving:  Feeling my babe move! And how excited we are that it's a little man!
What I'm looking forward to: Finding a house. The search has begun!
Best moment this week: The appointment and gender reveal party! Holding Kailee's hand and her squeezing it as the tech told us it was a baby boy! The squeals from all three of us, and then from everyone at the party when the piñata burst open with BLUE candy! SO much fun! Kailee's chatting the ENTIRE way to the hospital about her day and the appointment, Jake's excitement all week and us looking at each other smiling and saying 'we're having a boy!'
Milestones:  Baby boys vital organs are now developed, from this point it's packing on that healthy fat! First kick
Goals: Enjoying every second of the house hunting adventure and not letting it stress me out!


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