Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Or Mom.. :) She definitely doesn't LOOK old enough to be a Grandma, but she sure is a good one!

I may be biased, but I think I really have the GREATEST mom in the world! She is funny, gorgeous, smart, loving, giving, accepting, patient, and just beautiful.. inside and out. She has the biggest heart and definitely makes everyone around her feel loved. Especially two sweet little girls who think she walks on water :) 'Gamma'/'Gramma Merlee' is definitely their favorite person on the planet :) Every time we tell Kailee she gets to have 2 sleeps at Grandma's house, she always asks for 10 (or more).. She sure loves her..

The girls and their hottie Grandma at the Kidz Expo :)

I remember when she met Kailee for the first time.. We went to a BYU game and Kailee wasn't even sure about me yet.. But my mom knew exactly the way to her heart. Brought her a princess pen, princess notebook and treats.. She wouldn't ever sit on her lap, but she didn't forget who brought them for her either.. I remember she fell asleep after the game while we were driving to dinner. She slept on Jake's shoulder while we ordered, and I remember my mom asking if she could hold her.. She loved her already, even if Kailee hadn't spoken a word to her. And that's how easy it's all been. With Brooklynn and with Kailee. She is Grandma... She loves those two little girls and treats them like gold! They are so lucky to have her.. :)

Linds and I at the movies with our cute mom!

I can't say enough about the person she is.. About all she stands for and how accepting she is of us as her kids.. and of her new sons-in-law.. She loves those boys so much and has been so good to them.. They both adore her and I know it means the world to them to see her be so good with their little girls.

Isn't she gorgeous? I only hope I can be half as lucky to age as well as she has.. She doesn't look a day older than 29! ;)

Thanks for all you do for us mom! For being the best mom and the best grandma.. For loving and accepting us for who we are.. and for being one of my best friends! We love you so much! Happy Birthday! XoXo


kenzie hadley said...

Mama merillee is so beautiful and I'm so happy I got to spend some of my life with her and have sleepovers :) thank you for all the movies you took us to and all the dinners you bought me! Happy birthday I love you!! :)

Aubrey A said...

Yay for Moms!!! Happy birthday!!! :)