Thursday, March 22, 2012

St Patty's Day 2012

Jake and I got to spend St Patty's Day (and weekend) in Wendover with Linds and Joey. We had an absolute blast! Here is a quick recap of some of my favorite moments.. Definitely a weekend I won't forget! We had so much fun!

* Spending an all-adult weekend with Lindsay and Joey
* Our nice hotel room that Joey's sweet step-dad hooked us up with
* Being able to have adjoining rooms with the parents-to-be in their SUITE!.. SO FUN!
* Learning how to bet on games
* FINALLY daring to play Roulette.. and walking away with $75!
* Touching the CUTEST preggo belly EVER at least 50 times :)
* Spending quality time with my beautiful sister who will all too soon be one busy mamma!
* Watching Joey pile the most RANDOM foods ever on his plate at the buffet
* Spending time with my babe doing something we both love
* How may cigarettes one person can really smoke. EWW. Gross. 
* Finally understanding what 'lines' mean with sports bets.. and how a 1/2 of a point can screw you out of big money!!
* Sleeping for 8+ hours a night, and hitting the sack just as the rest of the psycho gambling world was getting started!
* That a Bloody Mary followed by a Mimosa is TOTALLY acceptable in Wendy at 10 am!
* Wendover is sooo close to SLC, yet so freakin' far away!
* How much fun it is to spend time with just the 4 of us..

Before I get too sappy over a weekend in Wendover, I just have to say, I went out there with VERY low expectations.. I mean, it's just Wendover and all we did was watch basketball for 2 days straight.. But it was one of the best weekends I've had in a really long time! I loved spending time with Jake, with my sister and her hubby, and just being away from the 'world' for a bit.. I get so caught up in life sometimes, and though a 2 week trip to the Caribbean sounds WONDERFUL, a quick weekend in Wendover with 3 of my favorites, was just what my tired soul needed! Thanks for such a fun time, Linds and Joey! We love you guys!

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Aubrey A said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Sometimes all we need is a little R&R to face the world again. I'm glad you got some!!! (You can take that dirty if you want. :)