Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Jamie!

Damn, 30 has NEVER looked so good!

Can you believe THIS hottie is 30?! Me either! J Some good ol’ genes right there!

In all seriousness.. this girl is AMAZING. She means the world to me and to put it blundtly, I know right where I’d be if she hadn’t come into my life when she did. A looney bin. This girl has been my crutch and a wonderful example of diligence, a positive attitude, and strength. I have learned more from her than she could ever imagine or hope to learn from me..

Let me tell you a little about Jamie. This chick is ALWAYS happy. ALWAYS smiling. ALWAYS laughing.. No, but really.. ALL. THE. TIME. She has the best attitude and out look on life of anyone I know. NOTHING breaks her. And it would make perfect sense if I told you she’d had a pretty easy life right? I mean, to be THAT happy, you must’ve had it pretty good. Actually it’s the complete opposite. This girl has been through more than any human being should ever have to be put through. She’s had trials in her time that most people don’t face in their worst nightmares.. times 10. She has been to hell and back more than once. She has had every curve ball thrown at her that exists.. And if she were to throw her hands up and say she’s had enough.. EVERYONE would understand..

And yet.. she still smiles!

Jame, I don’t quite know how to put how I feel about you into words.. other than THANK YOU. Thank you for being so positive and for forcing me to look at things in a different light. Thank you for being such a wonderful example of a strong woman and mother. Thanks for talking me through parenting a little girl. Thanks for introducing me to Jake. Thanks for being one of my biggest supporters. Thanks for listening when you’ve heard it a million times. Thanks for always making me laugh. Thanks for being so loyal. Thanks for understanding me when I’m grouchy. Thanks for being the most amazing friend. Thanks for being my crutch when the rest of my friends were back home. Thanks for being the reason I love work. Thanks for being the funniest/happiest/goofiest person I know.. And last, thank you for being EVERYTHING that you are. Beautiful, funny, smart, kind, loyal, honest, and for being one of my best friends and FAVORITE people in the entire world!

I love you, Jame! Happy birthday to someone who deserves ALL the wonderful things FINALLY coming your way! XoXo

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Anonymous said...

Perfect explanation of Jamie! Love you both! :)