Tuesday, March 7, 2017

18 Months

First off... WHAT?!?! NO! Time is going by WAY too fast and I HATE IT! I am loving every single second of this age! He is SO funny and has so much personality! He is more fun every single day! He is also finding his voice, and says no a lot. That is not so fun! He has no problem telling you what he wants and has become pretty defiant at times! That has been a challenge, but it's also amazing that he HATES being in trouble. It breaks his heart when we tell him no or to stop, so he's been pretty easy through the beginning of these up and coming terrible twos! :) Don't get me wrong, he has his moments, but they really are few and far between! He's such a good boy! 

18 things about our favorite 18 month old!

1- He LOVES his mama! He says 'ma ma' at least a million times a day and gives me the biggest and best loves! He kisses AND hugs and his little arms tight around my neck give me ALL the feel goods!

2- He also says 'da da' a million times a day and at every noise he hears while daddy is at work. He waits (not so) patiently at the garage door for daddy every day and gives him loves, and then quickly reminds him where 'ma ma' is  :)

3- He can now say 'sis' and says it in this high pitched, sweetest voice! Every time we are upstairs he points to her room and says 'sis'. He adores her and I can't wait to tell him on Wednesdays that it's 'sister day!' we both get so excited! :)

4- He has learned SO many new words and sounds. He can do pretty much every animal sound, but our favorites are - slurping for the frog (how the frog catches a fly), fake spitting like a camel, howling like an owl, bawking like a chicken and growling like any animal that he isn't sure of their sound! ;) there was a skull on my workout shirt the other day and he growled at it! ha ha

5 - He LOVES fruit! He says apple and na-na and loves having both of them any time he can! He calls every fruit (other than banana) an apple and it's so cute :) Strawberries are his favorite right now.

6 - He LOVES his books! His current favorite is Thomas the Train, and EVERY page he says 'chooo choooo' We love it! It's always a high pitched choo-choo too! ;) Also, when he sees a boat (in his Thomas book too!) he says ' row, row, row' instead of boat! ;) so stinking cute!

7 - He is obsessed with buses! He finds them in all of his books, and pushes his learning reader until it sings 'Wheels on the Bus' where he then rolls his arms round and round! If we pass a bus, or see one drive by through the window he will roll his arms! SO stinking cute!

8 - He LOVES chicken, and when you ask him if he's hungry and wants chicken he doesn't say yes, he says 'bawk bawk'! He would also eat fruit snacks all day if I let him! He loves them A LOT! :)

9 - He does SO well with his manners and says please 'eeeese' and signs thank you. He knows when to say them and does it every time I give him his food (daddy was all over teaching him to thank mommy ALWAYS! <3 ) Makes me so proud!

10 - He is the easiest baby to take places! He does really well in the car now, and is SO well behaved anywhere we go! When we went to St George for the home shows I literally couldn't believe how good he was the ENTIRE time! In and out of houses and running and playing at the condo. He even slept great there! He was the happiest and sweetest thing! He is so good at restaurants, too. I'm so so grateful for this! We went to a basketball game over the weekend, and he sat and played with toys and ate snacks for almost 2 hours before wanting to go run around! LOVE that! 

11 -  He has all of his teeth plus his 1 year molars. All we're waiting on his his second set of molars. He did great with teething and has the cutest/goofiest smile with all those toofers! He does great with brushing them as well!

12 - He is sleeping like a dream! Well, compared to the first 13 months of his life! He sleeps about 10-11 hours at night (no wakes ups!!) And takes a nap mid day anywhere from 1.5-3 hours! It's amazing! Still an early riser, but we can handle that since he sleeps through the night!

13 - He wakes up ready to eat! He does the sign for 'eat', but also makes the cutest little chewing noises while his fingers are at his mouth! It's so cute and so funny! Kailee used to wake up all the time saying 'daddy, I'm hungry', and it looks like Hank will be the same way!

14 - He loves his trucks and tractors and likes to crash them and say 'caaassshhh' :) All boy, this one! He loves playing catch with daddy and throwing every ball he sees!

15 - He will now tell you if he's stinky and he does the most disgusted face and says 'eeehhhh' while pointing to his nose. Then will say 'oooop' for poop :) He also does 'eeeeh' to anything he finds gross! He even did it while I was watching Chicago Med the other day and they were cutting into someone! OOPS! Ha ha! He does it to all bugs too, just like his mama!

16 - He has the BEST facial expressions and says 'WHOA' with big eyes 327846827 times a day! It's his favorite word right now! He does it when he hears a loud noise, or when he almost falls. SO cute!

17 - He absolutely HATES getting his nose wiped. I blame being suctioned at the hospital! ha ha. No, he has always hated it and freeeeeaaaks out when we try to get his boogers. :( He isn't a fan of getting his diaper changed anymore either and will sometimes cry during the whole thing, only to stand up and give kisses and smile when you're finished! Little turd.

18 - He became a REALLY big boy upon leaving the hospital last month (he was 17 months 2 days). We left his bottle there and he hasn't had one since! I was DREADING this transition. He LOVED his 'ba-ba' but he blew me away with how well he did! We did tell him the first couple of times he asked for it that it was at the hospital. He never asked twice after that! ;) I can't believe how well he has done with all of these transitions! He quit nursing like a champ and now the bottle is done too! This is the only time I'm glad he never took to a binky, we are done with taking things away!! YAY! Next transition will be from crib to bed, but I don't see that one happening for a while.. no need!
He loved Wesson's baby center, and Grandma Jeri loves him!

Hanging out on the couch with the adults!

This kid is OBSESSED with shows! He calls them 'oooohhsss' He knows YouTube well. oops!

He loved wrestling with Great Grandma Jeri

He loves his tractor!

Mommy was cleaning the cushions and he thought it was the coolest thing ever!

Eating a snack with his bear beanie on

His favorite chair to climb on! This boy loves to climb ANYTHING!

He saw this hat and kept saying 'da! da!' It's mine, but you're right buddy, daddy always wears a hat! :) 

Trucks again :)

Walking with Grandma and Tony. When did my baby get SO big?! 

I love hearing him play and saying 'weeooooweeeooow' 

Hard to believe he has been in our lives for a year and a half. He was a tiny baby in my arms just yesterday, and now he's more of a toddler than baby. :( I don't know what we ever did without him! He brings so much fun and excitement and happiness to our family! We love you so much, Hank! You are one special and loved little boy and I love every day of being your mommy!



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