Thursday, March 2, 2017

Thanksgiving Point

Kailee's first dance competition of 2017 is IN THE BOOKS! Girlfriend absolutely ROCKED it!! This competition is an awesome one to start out the year. It's close to home, and just a relaxed atmosphere. It's usually loud and chaotic trying to find a seat, but this year was awesome!
I know I can speak for us all in saying how thankful we are to all of our families for coming to support her! I don't think she ever has a competition where she isn't supported by at least someone other than the 4 of us and her brothers! Well, maybe St George, but that one is for good reason! ;)

So proud of you, beautiful girl! We love to watch you dance and see you develop! Her team took 1st place on both dances, what a start Gold Co.!! So proud! Kicking off UDE's competition season with a BANG!!! 

2017 Gold Company

Grandma Andrus and Grandma Mellor :)

One of her brothers was an absolute DOLL, the other, a freakin' grump. Betcha can't guess which was which?! ;) They both love her so much! Hank did great until she was done dancing, once she was done... so was he! Better get used to it, Bud! We have LOTS of these days in your future! Also, how cute is little Boston's smile?! GAH! I love him! SO much fun having two little boys with us now!

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