Thursday, March 16, 2017

Ogden Competition @ WSU

Competition number 2 of the season already! Time goes too fast! This one felt a little different from the get go. We're still trying to determine what Kailee feels before a competition.. The night before is usually excitement and nerves, and the mornings usually start off with the same happy excitement with a few nerves, but sometime before getting up and ready and meeting with her team the hour before she performs, she gets really quiet. It's hard to tell if she's having any fun at all sometimes, even though we know she is! Saturday was no different.

So about a month and a half ago, she fell at school and injured her hand pretty badly. She hurt 3 of her fingers, and even lost a fingernail. Well, lost puts it mildly, it was clearly ripped from her little finger! :( She did some damage and it looked PAINFUL! She honestly was pretty dang tough about it for the most part, I mean, I think I'd even be pretty nervous about having it cleaned out and keeping it from being bumped. It healed much faster and better than we thought, through keeping it wrapped and clean and following doctors instructions. But still, pretty nasty, right?! 

By the time the first competition rolled around she was doing her back walkovers again (with a little hesitance) but was getting back to where she was prior with all of her gymnastics. She is a tough little girl physically, but pretty fragile mentally and emotionally. I blame a LOT of that on her raging pre teen hormones ;) But she has always really let things get to her head and mess with her psych. She is a lot tougher than she gives herself credit for! Anyway, about a week and a half before this competition, she fell at school (while tumbling!) and hurt her arm in the inside of the elbow area. She had complained to Jason about it after school and they tried rubbing it and doing lots of stretches to make it feel better. She had tumbling that night and I had gone down to watch her. I could see it on her face from the moment class got started that it was bothering her. She was kind of whiny and just looked uncomfortable. She would do some moves with no hesitation and others that shouldn't bother her arm at all she was struggling with. Though we didn't doubt she was in pain, it was 100% her head that was messing with her! She toughed it out (with a little encouragement) through class and skipped the last couple of rotations. Her friend Addie came along and once they stepped foot outside, she was golden. I rolled my eyes inside, and chalked it up to her being a little dramatic about her injury. When I found out it was still hurting the next day I felt horrible! Don't get me wrong, I knew she was hurting a bit, I just felt that she was maybe over analyzing the discomfort of a minor strain/sprain a bit. Now I was worried she had done something more serious. Saturday rolled around and I had text her asking her how she was feeling, she replied that it was feeling great and she could do everything on it now! WHOA WHOO! A week before her next competition and things were looking good! 

That week she had doubted herself a bit to Angie about doing her back walkover for competition. I love that she didn't want to let her team down, but inside we all knew she could and would do it just fine! It's that dang head of hers again, getting in her own way! It's funny how clearly you see others abilities, but when it's your own we all doubt ourselves! I sometimes forget that and can be a bit hard on her when I know she is MORE than capable of doing things. I wish she could see herself through our eyes sometimes, she's amazing!

Well Saturday rolls around and she was a bit weird before her first dance. I chalked it up as nerves and kind of left her be. She danced and though none of us noticed, she met Angie afterwards in tears that she had messed up! Not one of us even noticed, but I love that she knew she could have done better! That means she cares! She got over it before coming out to meet the rest of us, and because she had a nice break between dances we were able to go grab some food and hang out before her next performance. We hit Chick-fil-a and let the kids eat and play, and then headed back to the venue to enjoy the sunshine for a bit before it was time for her to get dressed and ready again. It was a GORGEOUS day and so many people came to watch her dance, so it was so much fun to have some time together!
Anchor - Gold Co


She struggled a bit emotionally before her next dance, she was SO worried about her back walkover. She said the stage was REALLY slick and she didn't want to fall. We all tried encouraging her, we knew she could do it, she just had to get out of her own head again! After some time with her team and mom, Angie came to tell us that she was feeling much better about it and it was time for her to head back stage! 

She did that back walkover PERFECTLY!!! We all cheered extra loud and were so dang proud of her!

Fireball - Gold Co

She has been doing competitions for 3 years now, this being her 4th. Her teams have always placed really well, and we love how much success these girls have. I'm still not sure if they placed, it definitely was not their best performance. But I am so proud of her for worrying about not letting her team down! THAT is what being a part of something like this is! It teaches you SO much more than dance! I'm so happy she's picking up on these life lessons! After all, you learn much more from performances like this than you do the ones you just got first place on! This will be an awesome learning experience for her and for her team and now we REALLY can't wait for St. George!! Not just for vacation but to see the improvement!

Love our dancing queen, and we are extra thankful for all the support she had there. She is so loved!

These two adore her :)

Love our big, non conventional family!

Oh sweet Boston! I could EAT him! He's the sweetest and best baby ever! He adores Kailee!

Love my family :)

And I love MY family :) How lucky are we?!

And imagine that! Another competition at nap time! And another perfectly behaved baby until pictures. OF COURSE! Turd!

In attendance: Grandma Merrilee and Tony, Alissa and her friend Riley, Lindsay, Neil, Brody and Brooklynn, Nate and his daughter Ella, and Gram Reynolds made it just after K finished with a big hug. This is one loved little girl, and one big family that I love too! :) So very thankful for all of the support you show to us and to Kailee, we appreciate it so much!


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