Wednesday, January 25, 2017

113 Months!

K and I get the biggest kick out of this! We joke often about how many months she is and that someday I'm going to answer someone who asks how old she is with her months! ;) I looked at the date today and realized that it was the 25th. That makes her 113 months old! While I COULD give you my favorite 113 things about her, I'll spare you and just give you a few of my favorites!

* She is SO smart! They've been working on the multiplication, and needed to be able to pass off up to 12's by the end of the year. She's been working on her 13's since Christmas break! She had to write her own flashcards because the teacher only had up to 12! SO proud of her!
* She is still as funny as can be. I wish I were better at writing all the funny things down she says like I used to. She has the BEST sense of humor! 
* It is really easy to forget sometimes that she is 9. She holds her own in an adult conversation, and has ALWAYS been mature beyond her years.
* She hates letting anyone down. I love that about her, and it also worries me a bit. I'm that way too, and sometimes you are so busy pleasing others you forget to please yourself, but it's also a beautiful quality to be so aware of others' feelings.
* She won't admit it to many, but chick is boy crazy already! I do love that she'll talk to me about boys! She also has LOTS of friends who are boys, and I love that she gets a long with them and can play sports with the best of them! She was so proud to tell us that for their pace test (running) she was the LAST girl still running! SO athletic!
* She loves her friends! She truly cares so deeply for people. I know she's still a kid and kids get their feelings hurt and hurt others' feelings, but she actually CARES when she does, I love her heart!
* She loves to dance and tumble, and is REALLY good at both! I can't believe her progress in tumbling, and I can't wait to see her on stage NEXT month for the start of competition season!!
* She loves her brothers, SO much! I know sometimes she gets a bit overwhelmed and annoyed that people refer to her brothers so much, but she adores them both! I love when she comes here and can't wait to tell me what Boston is doing now :) She's the best!
* She has suddenly shown a HUGE interest in what she wears. While we are SO glad she actually cares about her appearance this year, it can especially be frustrating on school mornings! Shoes are her favorite accessory, and she loves her Converse!
* She loves writing notes, and seeing them on my desk Thursday mornings is my favorite thing ever! She is so thoughtful!

Love this kid! I hate seeing her grow up so fast, and especially fast in the last year and a half. Becoming a big sister, twice, is a big adjustment and she was forced to become a whole lot more independent. Sometimes we still treat her as the only child, and sometimes she still acts like one, but she has taken every change her whole life with a smile! I find myself waiting for Wednesday's every week. I love having her here. I love doing homework with her, and working out or playing games. I understand it's the MUCH easier side of parenting that we get during the week, but I love our routine. I love that she knows it's straight to homework and then we workout and then eat and then showers. She adjusts really well for having such a busy schedule. As sad that I am that she is growing so fast, I'm also loving each stage. I love that we can chat about things, I can tell her stories that I actually remember from 4th grade, and we talk about boys, friends and school. She really is like a little best friend, unless I mean business of course ;). It's hard to believe she's 9 1/2. I know I'll blink and be at her graduation. I love her SO much and hope she always knows it! 

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