Monday, January 23, 2017

When it feels like nothing is changing and weekly meal plan

I woke up and felt good. I felt lean, I felt strong and I felt like things were actually changing. I worked SO hard last week and over the weekend. I enjoyed my cheat meal, and actually didn't overindulge at all! I was excited for my weigh in and measurements today. And then....

Weight : + 0.4 lbs
Measurements : - 1 1/2 inches

Overall : - 6 lbs / -5 3/4 inches

I wanted to cry. How?! I even replaced a meal with a protein shake for the last few days. My body is holding onto this weight and I'm pissed. Immediately I went from feeling good, feeling proud and feeling excited to devastated. Why do I give the scale that much power?! I KNOW I've done everything I should be doing. I know I've eaten right, worked out, and drank my water so why?! Why am I not losing this weight like I think I should be? TMI- I have an IUD so most months I don't have a period. Well, I know this month that it's this week, which I know can play a role in this fun weight game! :( sometimes I hate being a woman!

I had to decide this morning how this was going to affect me. I just felt all of these GREAT things; strong, lean, GOOD! So by looking at a number on a scale, was that going to change that? Did that stupid number take those things from me? Hell no! I worked hard for them! I decided right then and there that I was NOT going to throw in the towel and eat what I wanted and take today as a rest day. I was not going to question if I am doing this right, That's dumb. I KNOW I am. I have to trust this process. I have to trust that I in doing it the RIGHT way, with no magic pills and no wraps, it IS going to take longer. I KNOW this is right, I just have to trust that eventually it will show.

I did a little reading and found out that it's actually pretty common week 3 to see no change, or even a gain. Apparently your body goes into it's last stage of 'shock' and it holds on to fat cells. I'm really hoping that is the case. I also know that my cheat meal consisted of salty foods, so I need to up my water game today in order to flush the sodium. For having my cheat meal LAST night, that really isn't so bad. I'm really hoping that the pounds start melting off this week. I need them to. I had a goal of dropping 10 lbs in January, and I'm close, but that is a decent chunk that needs to come off in the next week to make that goal. I CAN DO THIS! I WILL DO THIS!

I also want to be super careful with not eating too little. My snacks are non existent, and I know I should be eating and needing snacks. I should be eating WAY more consistently than I am, so there is that to work on. My work outs have been ON POINT. I haven't been taking them lightly at all. I get a GOOD sweat in every time. I've worked out for 14 days in a row, and while I know rest days are important, I haven't felt like I needed one. I will listen to my body, but for now, working out is the biggest motivation for eating better. Why put in that work if I'm just going to fuel my body with crap?! 

My relationship with food is a tough one. I think maybe even more serious than I thought before. I use food as a crutch and for boredom especially. I am a stress eater, so stress doesn't cause me to lose weight. And I think once I stopped breastfeeding, my body forgot that it didn't need those extra calories. This is by far the hardest it's ever been. And I knew it would be hard. I had a baby, I'm almost 30, and it's not like it gets easier with either of those things going against me. But I know I can do this. Finding foods that FUEL me and TASTE good too have been huge for me. Here is our menu this week. I usually make most of it and then we take a container of what we want or throw it together real quick. Or if I feel like cooking each night, we have it for dinner and repeat for lunch the next day. Meal prepping makes it much easier for me though. Having it all ready and grabbing a container keeps me on track much better than waiting for something to cook while I'm hungry. I didn't get a chance to do it yesterday, so hopefully today! Disclaimer- we try to eat about 80% clean. Sometimes it's better and sometimes it's worse. These are meals I KNOW help as I made them before when we lost a bunch of weight. We do NOT cut out carbs or fats completely, but we do try to keep them in check and ALWAYS make sure we have lots of protein. I know sometimes these meals are higher in sodium, and wouldn't be on a ton of clean eating sites. These are meals that work for me and my family. I love food, I love good food. I like eating things that are good for me and TASTE good. This keeps me successful. I do have to drop down on the carbs for other meals with some of these to keep it balanced for the day. If my dinner is high in carbs, I will have a low carb breakfast and lunch. I just try to be mindful. Healthy eating doesn't have to be boring eating! Again, these may not work for everyone :)

Flat Bread Pizza - These flat out crusts are AMAZING! 1g of fat for an entire crust?! SIGN ME UP! I load it up with either buffalo sauce and chicken, or turkey pepperoni, turkey sausage, chicken, jalapenos, etc. I'm not a big fan of lots of veggies on pizza, but getting in the protein makes these SO filling and also almost like I'm cheating :)

Buffalo Chicken Spaghetti Squash Bake - Basically, exactly how it sounds. Cooked squash, buffalo sauce, chicken, ranch packet and 3 eggs whisked and dumped over the top and baked! Super filling and yummy. We LOVE spaghetti squash! Mostly, because I love pasta, and it's pretty close ;)

Fish Tacos - tilapia seasoned and baked with lemon served on corn tortillas with cabbage, lime, salsa, feta, and a fish taco sauce. I make my own sauce using plain greek yogurt, lime and cayenne pepper with a little season salt. SO yummy! Depending on my carbs that day I'll eat mine as a salad instead of with a tortilla.

Zoodle and "Veggie" wheat Pasta Spaghetti w/Turkey Meatballs - Just as it sounds. I do a LITTLE of the boxed veggie/wheat pasta with our zoodles, just for some more substance. Then make my own meatballs with ground turkey. Kailee loves them, and last time we had this Jake and I both felt SO satisfied after. Filled us up and tasted YUM! Again, depending on carbs we will do more zoodles and leave most of the pasta for the kids. If you don't have a spiralizer, go get one!!! 

Spinach Salads w/ chicken - I marinate chicken or throw it in the crockpot and shred and have it on spinach with balsamic, cranberries and walnuts with feta and croutons. I can't give them up ;) Or I'll do a Bolthouse dressing instead of balsamic, the Salsa Verde Avocado is SOO good! I'll have that with tortilla strips instead of croutons, fat free cheddar and cottage cheese. Jake is SO grossed out by the cottage cheese part, but I love it on my salads! 

Turkey Burgers(Steaks) w/Sweet Potato Fries and Broccoli - I grew up in Tremonton. Tremonton is 20 miles from Brigham City. The site of Maddox. If you haven't been there.. why?! ;) SO yummy! Anyway, we went there a lot as kids and always had their turkey steak. They are beyond good. We also had them a lot at home growing up, in lots of different ways. They sell them in grocery stores around here and one time while shopping for turkey burgers I took a peek at the nutritional info. DANG! 38g of protein and 16g of fat! (I may be off by a little.. It might be 36g protein and 18g fat? either way, LOTS of protein!) And I can handle that fat count when you see how HUGE these things are! Usually a half is good for me! I buy the flat/thin buns and it's like having a burger! Make your own sweet potato fries and throw some broccoli on the side and it is a BIG meal. I like big meals! ;)

Like I said, these meals are what work for US! I'm always looking for new and FUN and YUMMY recipes, so if you have favorites like this send 'em my way! Riced Cauliflower? Best new thing ever! We had that like 3 times last week! I will post more of our meals next week, we actually have quite the list of healthy AND good recipes. I personally don't want to cook meals for myself and Jake and a separate one for our kids. These are things they will eat as well. THAT is much more sustainable for me. I can do this long term. I can not eat a chicken breast and veggie for 3 meals every day and be happy. I'd rather carry the extra 10 lbs than live like that. I also know I'll never be able to do a fitness competition with these meals, BUT that's okay! I can live and enjoy and stay happy. I can be healthy and maintain a good weight this way without being deprived and miserable. And everyone knows if mama ain't happy, ain't no one happy!" ;)


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