Tuesday, January 17, 2017

First Successful Weekend and Aquarium Fun

I did it! I made it through a WHOLE weekend with no cheats!! It felt amazing! I worked out hard, and enjoyed some yummy new recipes that are mostly clean and healthy and I think that's the key for me. I have to LIKE what I am eating, I can NOT feel like I'm starving and working out has to be consistent. If I work out, I don't WANT the bad foods! Because.. why?! ;) Why would I get all tired and sweaty just to eat bad? I won't do it, so working out is A HUGE piece of my success. Of course, I can't be one of those lucky ones that can work out hard and eat whatever, my body only responds to healthy eating.. And that's why it's been such a struggle. Anyway, a good weekend was very much needed! And luckily, it showed up on the scale this morning! Whoa whoo!!

Weekly Measurements / Week 2
-5.6 lbs (-7 lbs overall)
-1 1/2 " (-4 1/4" overall)

Not too shabby! I am doing great on my DietBet and have 3.7 lbs to lose to win! I have a few more weeks to do it, so I'm feeling good about that! I know I have to stick with it, those first pounds come off much faster than the rest. And my goal of losing 20 by mid March won't happen if I let up at all. I've got this! Jake and I have had lots of discussions on cheat meals lately. I haven't really felt ready for one, but after having a good weekend, I think we could do this! One thing we talked about was how our cheat meals turned into cheat afternoons/evenings or a full blown cheat DAY. We have to fix that. I read a blog (thanks Nicole!) and her coach gave her 4 hours to cheat once a week. I loved that idea! Really, can't do an insane amount of damage in 4 hours. At least not like we would have in a full day! So we may try that next weekend. Maybe. ;) We'll see how this week goes! We also have a BIG game to watch so it'd be fun to do it then. Maybe it will ease the tension in our house? We will have a house divided for the AFC Championship on Sunday. Jake is a huge Pats fan, and I'm a huge Steelers fan, so we'll see who is happy next Monday! ;) Hopefully we can at least watch the game together, but we'll see. ha ha. We're both pretty competitive and HATE losing, so it may get interesting! 

We had such a good weekend considering how we thought it could go. Jake went to pick up Kailee from dance Friday night, and I was worried we may have a mopey little girl for the night. She was happy and talkative as could be and I was SO relieved! I didn't want to have to get after her ANY more, she'd suffered enough! ;) We ate dinner, played Clue (a LOT), had a Connect 4 tournament, and watched Storks. She fell asleep (of course!) at 8:30, and we all got a restful night's sleep! 

Saturday morning it was up to a big breakfast (thanks babe!) and down to the basement for a family work out! I love those! Even though Hank didn't cooperate very well this time, it's still fun to be down there all together getting our sweat on! It's so motivating to work out in front of our kids! I push myself knowing they are watching and learning from us. And then Jake helps me stay competitive too, always trying to up my weights ;) After, we talked about what we could do that day. Another part of our situation with K that can be a bit of a struggle is weekends. What to do, where to go, etc. She wants it to be fun and she wants to be entertained. We are all four 100% to blame for that. Some of it good reason, others... well, we could work on it! We've talked about this for years, but it's just a struggle we may always have. See, picture having you kids just 2 weekends a month. Yeah, you have 4 NON school days a month to do all the fun things you want to do! Visit family, get together with friends, swim, camp, zoo, aquarium, take a weekend away, hike, etc. Don't even get me started on the struggles with the holiday season! Try getting ALL of your families to understand we have FOUR (non school) days total in December (sometimes less with crazy schedules) to get her to ALL of the fun activities. Oh, want to do something as a family? Good luck! You only have FOUR days TOTAL to get it ALL in. It's hard. I think we'd all agree it may be the toughest part. Sometimes even makes it hard to enjoy the holidays. The schedules are INSANE and there are so many fun things to do, it's impossible to cram it all in. So back to weekends, little miss Kailee sometimes thinks (again, for good reason) that every weekend is 'What are we going to do to entertain Kailee this weekend". Granted, most of the time we have something planned, whether that is getting together with family, friends, birthday party, etc. She has come accustom to having something 'fun' to do. Saturday was no different. We had given her a few options which was our first mistake, and it ended up being a day where we decided to just stay home. I felt like we were forcing her to choose something and she wasn't into any of them. The only thing she was into was swimming, and we didn't really want to do that either ;) ha. We explained we could, but couldn't promise how long Hank would last and that without a friend to swim with, it might not be super fun. And then, she wanted to do something we hadn't suggested, sledding. Another tough one with a 9 year old and a 1 year old. They went to check out the hill and there wasn't enough snow (thank goodness!). I felt a little frustrated, like here we are giving her ALL of these fun options to do, all it felt like we were FORCING her to pick something and she didn't really care about any of them. Jake and I wanted to take them to the aquarium, and instead of all the choices we should have said 'hey kiddos, let's go to the aquarium today!' She would have been fine. I kept thinking why are we forcing her to go and why are we wanting to spend all that $$ if she doesn't really care about it?! I was a little annoyed, but we ended up having a good day anyway. 
We decided to stay home and make smoothies, play games, and just hang out. Sometimes it feels like no matter what we do, it's not good enough. And that is 100% our creation. She is just a kid, and is pretty used to doing something extravagant all the time, so she can't take all the blame. She actually enjoys the times we don't have to go anywhere and are just home. Lesson learned. Her friend ended up texting her to see if she could play later that day, and luckily ended up able to come over to our house so that was really fun! All in all, it ended up being a good one!

Sunday was somewhat of a repeat of Saturday, up to breakfast, workout and smoothies! Kailee went to the Clubhouse gym with me and we did 3 miles - 1 mile on the treadmill, 1 mile on the elliptical and 1 mile on the bike! She did awesome and it was so much fun! She was a HAPPY girl and talked my ear off the whole time! I loved it! I wish we could work out together every day, it goes by much faster! :) Jake and I made the decision that we would be going to the aquarium that day, and it was worth the wait! They LOVED it! At times, I think Kailee loved it more than Hank did! ha ha. For not really wanting to go on Saturday, she sure didn't want to leave when it was time! It was magical, and watching Hank's face as he saw all of these things we read about it books was pretty amazing! Kailee was in awe, like it was her first time too! It was really fun, these things are SO magical with kids!!! We went slow and checked out each exhibit, so nice to not be in a rush! Of course they make you exit through the gift store, and after saving $5 PER ticket for using an American First card (awesome deal!), I was more than open to letting the kids pick a prize. Then I was thinking about ALL the gifts they got for Christmas, most still not played with and we decided no. We left without so much as buying a drink or a smashed penny! I was so proud of us! See, usually the ticket price is just the base of what we spend going to a place like that. We're trying really hard to cut out this excess spending, and it felt good to stick with it. K was bummed she didn't get the mermaid hat she wanted SO bad (but would never wear), and lucky for us Hank isn't old enough to realize he didn't get anything, and we left empty handed. By the time we got to the car, all was forgotten, just as the hat would have been had we bought it! Slowly learning.. :) We had NOT yet made it to the parking lot when she said 'now what are we going to do?'. Ugh, I wanted to vomit. It is just never enough with kids, is it?! Jake said 'we're going home to put on comfy's'. I really think she thought it was off to the next activity! What are we doing wrong?! Once we got home though, she was happy as could be to play more games and hang out. We had a yummy dinner and she watched Netflix while we watched football, and of course, played a WHOLE lot more Clue! I bet we played at least 30 games of Clue over the weekend! 

Overall, it was a pretty great weekend! Food stayed on track, workouts got done, we stuck to our guns as parents, and got in LOTS of family time! Minus a few 'moments' it was pretty perfect! And it felt good to go to bed and be proud of myself too! Here's to tackling another week, and to working on Monday when the rest of my family is playing downstairs! BOO! :(


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