Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Kailee's First Day of School - 3rd Grade!

There is something so refreshing and exciting about that first day back to school! The new clothes, friends, teachers, etc. But this day has definitely changed for me since Kbug came into my life. I think about her ALL day and wonder if she’s having fun, if she’s nervous, if she’s being nice to everyone, if everyone is being nice to her, if she’s eating her lunch, etc!
I’ve been incredibly emotional when it comes to her lately. Almost over analyzing every action, word and behavior just worrying about how she’s going to handle this big change from being the only child, to being a sister. I’m not sure why I worry so much, every 'change' she’s faced so far in her life she has blown us all away with how she has handled and conquered it with a happy smile and open heart! I am sure this will be no different!
She turns 8 next week, and for the last 5 years, she’s been my world. She holds such a huge piece of my heart that I can’t imagine there is any more in there to give. I think about all the things we’ve taught her, and all the things we’ll continue to teach her, and they are NOTHING compared to what she has taught us! I feel SO blessed to have had her as ‘mine’ for these past 5 years, and so lucky to have Jake, Angie and Jason to share her with. To have them to lean on and learn from. I think about how dang lucky we all are that she is the amazing kid she is. She loves us all so much, she has no clue that her situation is ‘different’. That it isn’t normal for most kids to have to say good bye to two parents as often as she does and to live in two different homes with so many different families and situations to juggle. But she gives us ALL big hugs and tells us ALL she loves us every time we 'exchange', and it makes it so much easier! She is always so happy and ready for whatever is ‘next’! We are SO lucky to have her. She has no idea what she’s taught me, and all of us really, through her example of accepting everyone and being so open to love us all. She’s incredible and I never want her to forget it!
We are all so proud of you K, and love you SO much! I hope you have the best first day EVER! You are going to rock 3rd grade, girlfriend! I just know it!
Growing up WAY too fast!

Kailee and her friend Emma who is in the same class!

And she's off!!

Love her SO much!
We went to back to school night last night where she got to meet her teacher, Mrs. Hodges. She got to choose her own desk and write her name on her name tag, Emma walked in not too long after and chose the desk right next to Kailee! Always fun to have a familiar face in class! We ended the night at JCW's (parents choice!). It's always so nice to spend a night all together, and I know K loves it a lot! She facetimed us with her outfit choice (awesome choice) and for help with shoes, I think she did great! Love her cute face!

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