Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Bumpdate - 9 weeks

It's been another two weeks, and I never thought I'd say this, but time is FLYING! Little babe is still a secret. Mostly. Only one person knows and that is Austin. Jake's brother lives in ND and works up there for 6 weeks and then comes home for 2 weeks. Since he was leaving a few weeks before we were ready to share our news, and Jake wanted to tell him in person, we told him after the Super Bowl. He was so sweet, it made me really excited to share in a few weeks with the rest of our family and friends!

I am feeling great still! I feel SO lucky to have not had one single moment of morning sickness (knock on wood). I am incredibly tired and quite bloated (YUCK!) but no other symptoms are constant. I have had a few food aversions and the thought of raw meat is a pretty yucky to me, but once it's cooked I'm fine to eat it! I don't eat as much of it as I used to, so that's good and bad I guess.

I have noticed I'm really hungry.. a lot! I don't really crave anything, just hungry really fast. I mean, how much can that little tiny strawberry take up!? I also have wanted sandwiches constantly, which is really strange considering that's always what Jake wanted and I NEVER wanted a sandwich. Sandwiches are for picnics, not for meals ;) BUT, lately a big ol' COLD sandwich sounds amazing! Unfortunately you have to be super careful with deli meats.. boo! I have eaten a few wraps, but have to heat my meat to steaming before I eat. I honestly don't know how careful you REALLY have to be with a lot of this stuff. Some of it sounds like MAJOR paranoia to me, and super annoying. Ha. I try to just think logically. I don't research every tiny thing or stress over the 'can I or can't I'. No thanks! But that is another reason I am really excited to share our news.. Advise and tips! Man, if someone could tell me how to get rid of this bloat, I'd be one happy camper! I get the exhausted feeling, I know what my body is doing.. but the bloat?! Is that necessary!? I'm going to get fatter by the day for the next 9 months, can I at least enjoy this stage where the baby is so small without having to wear baggy shirts?! UGH! ;) I won't complain though..  I can still wear all of my normal clothes, I just feel uncomfortable in anything tight. Plus, I feel so blessed and so excited to be carrying a little one. I never pictured this day for myself, as much as I wanted it and have worried about it over the years, I never thought I could really BE pregnant. I'm just so grateful to feel so good and healthy.

I have been working out just like before, after my doctors okay, I told myself I wasn't going to start slacking and use the pregnancy as an excuse. Food on the other hand? Yikes. I have some work to do! I still eat pretty healthy, just more treats and snacks (chips) than normal and I'm sure that is part of the bloat.

Jake has been incredible so far. Always double checking to make sure I'm not overdoing it in our cycling class, letting me sleep in on weekends, and doesn't get upset with me for wanting to go to bed at 8:30 every night! :) We even fell asleep on the couch last Friday before 9:00 pm! At least I have an excuse, he on the other hand.. ;) He is starting to speak of and to 'the baby' more often and I think it's all really sinking in for him too. He looks at me in the sweetest ways and speaks to me so soft and kind. Not that he hasn't always been pretty amazing and patient with me, but it's even more so  now! He's the best!

Kailee still doesn't know and she is the one I am most anxious to tell. Definitely not expecting a big reaction right away, its just not her personality with BIG news.. Disneyland surprise, anyone? ha ha. But just for her to go through this process with us. To talk about it, work through any of her fears or nerves. This is going to be life changing for her. I hope for the good, but I'm sure there will be lots of days when she misses how it 'used to be'. But I am excited to see her be excited! She told me a few months ago that she is the only 'only child' in her class, 'even Mrs. Raynes has siblings'. She didn't say it in a sad way, but just in a strange voice, so we talked about how lucky she has been to be the center of attention for so long, but I just know she is going to be the most protective and loving big sister! I hope she is excited to get a sibling as we are that she will have one. We'll see ;)

Here is the official 7 week 'bump' or bloat ;)

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