Thursday, August 20, 2015

16 weeks!

Hello 16 weeks! I feel like I have popped this week! The belly is there and there is no denying it! I can't suck in when I try! It's been a much better week and my spirits are high! I can't wait to feel this baby!

Due date:  Sept 3, 2015
What fruit are you: Avocado
How far along:  16  weeks
Next appointment:  March 27th
Gender:  Unknown

Total weight gain/loss:  +7 lbs  (yikes!)
Exercise: 4 days this week - cycle, weights/cardio
Stretch marks:  None (yet!)
Swelling:  nope!
Maternity clothes: I plan to wear my maternity capris and shorts this weekend! Can't wait for some comfort!!
Belly button: Inny

Sleep:  Good! Still waking up at least once to pee
Food cravings: Cereal, carbs, pizza
Food aversions: Eggs
Symptoms: Headaches and congestion
Movement:  Nothing yet
Labor signs: No

What I miss:  Sushi, wine
What I'm loving:  Finally looking like I'm pregnant! Sharing excitement with family and friends, my chats with Kailee about baby.
What I'm looking forward to: Next appointment, St George, feeling the baby move!
Best moment this week: Having lunch with Jamie and having her use the word 'tiny' to describe my belly. Girl, you have NO idea how much I needed that! ;)
Milestones:  Sex is now detectable by ultrasound, baby can hear music and mommy's voice!
Goals: Continuing to work out, clean up my eating, and make sleep more of a priority. Get to bed on time, rest when I can, etc.

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