Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sharing Our Big News!

We've had so much fun sharing our news the past couple of weeks! All of our family and friends have been incredibly supportive and genuinely happy for us! It's been amazing and we've felt so loved! All of the silly things I worried about were quickly put to rest, and I can't thank you all enough! :)

March 2nd on the way to dinner after picking up Riley from the airport, we VERY last minute decided to tell my family. It was the only time in the near future we were all going to be in the same room. We decided to tell Kailee on the way to dinner so she could be in on this too! We told her in the car on the drive to Layton from Salt Lake City. Kailee's response was absolutely the best! Her little jaw dropped and she just kept looking back and forth at Jake and I with this big grin! She was so sweet after and chose to announce it to everyone at dinner, which surprised me with how shy she can be, and her knowing everyone would be freaking out after hearing, but she insisted that she wanted to do it and that made me so happy! She ended up telling several others for us too, it was sweet! :) She also made several references to the baby long after we talked about it and since has seemed to really get that this is actually happening! So much fun!

We announced to most of our families (those not done in private) with these T-shirts :) We had so much fun changing and then walking out and waiting for everyone to get it. If they looked at K's first, they got it quick.. but a few looked at Jake's like it was another one of his goofy T-shirts he wears ;). The sweetest was my grandpa Giles' face. He looked at Jake's shirt, and then mine and just got this big surprised face! It was so cute! :) Jake, Kailee and I had so much fun 'betting' on who would have the biggest and happiest reaction and we were mostly right! That was so fun!

Once again, thank you all for your support and love! We are so excited and it feels even better than I could have imagined to have you all happy and excited with us!! And it feels EXTRA good to not have any more secrets!

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