Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Cabo baby!! No, wait... Puerta Vallarta!

(Update From Sept 2014) We had been counting down this trip for MONTHS! We booked it in January of 2014 and had a countdown going all year long. We worked our butts off (literally;) ) getting ready for this trip. We exercised, started clean eating, saved money, bought new suits, new clothes, made reservations at the sports bar for our games, everything. And then.. Hurricane Odile hit. We were devastated. We hadn't purchased travel insurance. We were stuck. Somehow 48 hours before our trip, 2 hours on the phone with the booking company, hours of searching the internet, and 2 hours on the phone with Expedia getting it fixed, we were just mere hours away from boarding our flight to a new destination! Puerta Vallarta! It was by far the craziest 24 hours of my life! Thanks Linds and Joey for not giving up on our dream vacation!!
Airport fun!

Love this sister of mine!

Lucky for me, we flew out on my 27th birthday! How fun is that?! We flew out at 6:00 am so it was an early start! Arrived in P.V. mid afternoon and spent the next 6 days at the most beautiful resort! We checked in, grabbed a few dinner reservations and checked out the resort! The first night we weren't able to get into any of the restaurants, so we hit their buffet. BEST. FOOD. EVER! I was reallllly worried about the food. We did this trip the all inclusive route so I was terrified the food would be horrible, but it was fantastic! Might be why I gained a good 6 lbs! ;) We spent the evening walking around, getting settled and eating. We were all pretty tired from our day of travel so we went to bed pretty early that night! The next few days were spent at the pool, on a tour of the distilleries, getting massages, watching football and more eating! ;) It was such an amazing trip full of so many memories!
Our gorgeous resort!

View from our room

Some of the highlights :
* The service! It was phenomenal!! We met so many wonderful, kind, helpful people! Octavio was our favorite waiter and Mary Chuey (sp?) our favorite waitress! They would light up anytime they saw us! They saved us tables, were extra fast with our drink orders and remembered all of our names! Awesome people who worked so hard to make sure our experience was the best!

*The best massage ever! The whole experience was incredible! We were completely pampered! Hot tubs, steam room, sauna, and even cucumber slices on our eyes! It was lovely! We had the cutest young girl helping us and handing us new towels between each place.. I have never been pampered like that! I could definitely get used to it! :)

* Pool/Beach/Sunshine. Need I say more?! It was incredible! Warm enough but not too hot. Gorgeous views and soft white sand!

*Time with my favorites. Truly, the only thing you can't ever get back is time. So glad to have spent those few days with my hubby, sister and her hubby. It truly is what life is all about!
Love him so much!
*Laughing about our 2nd NOT so great massage.. Started with a real live crab in our barely warm hot tub, and ended with Jake and I being walked in on TWICE while getting dressed/undressed from our couples massages. Thankfully one was Lindsay! That experience, was... well, WAY funny now! ;)

Anyone looking to visit Puerta Vallarta, I highly recommend it! And anyone curious about all inclusive style vacations? TOTALLY worth it! :) Such a great experience!
Boys at the tequila distillery
Right before the 100's of bees attacked my drink! This may or may not have caused a small fight between Jake and I. ha ha! I was SO scared of them!
Our dinner, SO YUMMY!
One of our MANY nights in the Piano Bar! Now I want chili lime peanuts!
My handsome hubby in front of the pool/beach area

Update - a lot has changed in the past year. Joey and Linds are no longer married, but are both happily co-parenting Brod. It makes this trip and the memories even more special for us, as they were some of their last happy times! So thankful to share them with the two of them. We love them a lot, together or not! :)

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