Thursday, August 20, 2015

Uncle Riley Is Home!

Best. Day. Ever!!

(March 2, 2014) I had butterflies all day long, and 4:07 couldn't get here fast enough! My baby brother is finally home! Seeing his cute face walking down that escalator had to be a top 5 moment of my life! It really was amazing! He is so tall and so dang handsome! I love that he let Linds and I hug him at least 20 times, and he gave REAL hugs! We are all so proud of him and his decision to serve. I know the people of the Macon, Georgia loved him as much as he loved them! I am so happy to have him home! We love you SO much Riley Boy! WELCOME HOME!!!! 
Patiently (or not!) waiting at the airport!

Kiddos waiting for Uncle Riley to come down the escalator

Our family together again! Welcome home, Riley!

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