Friday, November 20, 2015

24 weeks

Thank goodness those few days are OVER! ;) Feeling great again!

Due date:   Aug 27, 2015
What fruit are you: Garden Eggplant
How far along:  24 weeks
Next appointment:  May 15th
Gender:  Boy!

Total weight gain/loss:  +/- 16 lbs 
Exercise: Another low energy week, only got in 2 workouts this week, but they were killer :) Hoping for a much better week next week! 
Stretch marks:  None (yet!)
Swelling:  nope!
Maternity clothes: Always pants/bottoms. Normal tops I can do if they are long enough!
Belly button: Inny

Sleep: It started out rough, but the last two nights were AMAZING!
Food cravings: Donuts, carbs, watermelon - which all just sound good, Jake hasn't made any midnight runs to the store or anything ;) I somewhat expected cravings to be more powerful, they are more just things that sound yummy, not I HAVE to have that.. which is nice!
Food aversions: Meats :( Blah!
Symptoms: Hello heartburn! It really hasn't been too bad, but it's most definitely there! And I've had some ligament stretching something fierce this week! Feeling lots better now, but the beginning of the week was not great.
Movement:  Lots! He is so active now! I LOVE it! Even enough for daddy to feel him! Just once, every other time he holds still when Jake puts his hand on my belly ;)
Labor signs: No

What I miss:  Still sushi and my normal clothes! Mimosas for Mother's Day ;)
What I'm loving:  Feeling my babe move! And seeing the belly grow! It  really is fun!
What I'm looking forward to: Finding a house! We are SO excited, and have narrowed it down to two builders :) We meet with them this weekend to make our final decision! YAY! Also, our 5k tomorrow morning, brunch with JoLene, and Mother's Day with both our moms! I love Mother's Day! It's my last year without cheeks to kiss, and I'm really excited about that! That is one of the toughest days there is to be a step parent. :( I know K is RIGHT where she should be, but I miss her extra on that day every year. I get the cards, texts, and even gifts, but don't have her cute face to share the day with. It's hard sometimes, but TOTALLY worth it! Especially since her mommy is so awesome!
Best moment this week: We had a blast at Lagoon for K's last competition! She was so much fun! We had LOTS of people in our group, but had a blast riding rides and eating! I rode more rides than I thought I could, so that was fun! :) Also, on Sunday, daddy felt baby boy move! It made me so happy!
Milestones:  Baby boys lungs are developing and strengthening for breathing outside of mommy's tummy!
Goals: Foods, it's been hard to eat healthy! Also get back to 5+ days at the gym this week, and staying positive about work and this house search!

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