Friday, November 20, 2015

Appointment Update

I had my appointment today (8/28). They did an ultrasound and a stress test just to be sure everything was okay with the little man. The US went great, a little painful with her pushing on my belly for 30 minutes, but everything looked good! She guessed about 9lbs 3oz for his weight. yikes! ha ha an unfortunately for this mama, his head was measuring 'off the charts'... like literally, off the charts, she couldnt measure it! YAY! haha.. Thanks a lot, Jake! ;) Other than that scary news, he seems to just be really comfortable in there.

I went in with my mind made up, I was going to put my selfishness aside, and do whatever the doctor told me was best. I was going to schedule induction if he suggested it, and continue riding it out if he'd let me. I really really REALLY want to go into labor on my own. Like REALLY bad!

After the US and stress test were done, we waited not so patiently for Dr Nichols to come in and check me and crossed our fingers that I had progressed and he would give us good news!

He came in and checked me. 80% effaced but only dilated to a 2+, he couldnt quite call it a 3. To say I was disappointed would be a huge understatement. I was so bummed.. He stripped my membranes and told me he'd go check out our options for induction, he didnt feel comfortable waiting too much longer, even though things looked good right now. He knew about the baptism and promised us he'd do everything he could to shoot for Tuesday the 1st. That was cutting it close, but gave me some peace that I still had a few days to do this on my own but I could still be to K's special day! He left to go get me on the schedule and a few moments later, came back into the room.. his words were 'guys, I'm really sorry but at Riverton, the earliest we can go is Thursday". I did everything in my power not to burst into tears! THURSDAY?! K gets baptized on SATURDAY.. So either I would be JUST leaving the hosptial (if all goes well) and I'd be taking a brand new baby out in public, or I'd still be there. Either one seemed wrong. I asked how much longer we could wait and his answer was a firm 'its time to get this baby out'. I knew then that he was looking out for my and my baby's best interest and I needed to listen. So all I can do now is pray for my body to go into labor this weekend! Really, any day before Thursday ups my chances of making it, so lets hope for that! I'm willing and have tried just about everything.. Sex (sorry family!), long walks, spicy foods, bouncing on an exercise ball/couch.. everything! Well, except Castor Oil. NO thanks!

For now, I'll keep being pregnant, and not very happy about it! Sheesh, I'm an emotional wreck! Come on, baby boy!  Your mama needs you!

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