Friday, November 20, 2015

40 weeks

40 weeks. Who is 40 weeks pregnant?! Okay.. a lot of people are, but I didn’t think I would be one of them. Remember how I measured 'ahead' all pregnancy?! UGH! I am dying to get this baby here in SO many ways it hurts. First, Kailee gets baptized on the 5th.. so I need to be out of the hospital by then! 2nd, I’m 40.. yes, FOURTY weeks pregnant! I thought you were supposed to be done at 40 weeks?! To see this milestone hit and nothing, is super frustrating.
Due date:   Aug 27, 2015.. TODAY!
What fruit are you: Jackfruit
How far along:  making me say it again?! 40 weeks
Next appointment:  tomorrow (August 28th)
Gender:  Boy!

Total weight gain/loss:  +/- 39 lbs 
Exercise: Feeling like a beached whale, a very tired one. Walks have done nothing, but I'm still trying!
Stretch marks:  Yes.
Swelling: none, that has been nice!
Maternity clothes: Sick of them all! ;)
Belly button: Poking out! Turkey is DONE!

Sleep: Oddly enough, pretty well! I keep waking up to pee and hoping to feel something, but nothing!
Food cravings: watermelon and pizza again!
Food aversions: None
Symptoms: Waddling and itchy belly!
Movement: yes! Love it, I'm going to miss it SO much!
Labor signs: A few contractions here and there but nothing consistent. Hoping for more dilation tomorrow! I know it's crazy, but I really REALLY want to feel more! I want to go into labor naturally so bad!

What I miss:  Sushi and my last Summer's body ;)
What I'm loving: The smell of Dreft! And knowing how soon this baby will be here! And savoring every last moment with K!
What I'm looking forward to: My appointment and kissing this sweet baby!
Milestones: full term pregnancy! I know this post sounded mostly negative.. I really am so blessed to have carried baby boy full term! I hope he comes out with some yummy cheeks to kiss!

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