Friday, November 20, 2015

Week 28-34 Update

Due date:   Aug 27, 2015 / Aug 15, 2015 (according to the 3-D ultrasound)
What fruit are you: Currently - cantaloupe
How far along:  34 weeks
Next appointment:  July 21st
Gender:  Boy!

Total weight gain/loss:  +/- 30 lbs 
Exercise: Horrible! I have decided that I'm going to do what I can to just feel good, and right now I don't have the energy to work out. I've been working weekends, late nights and very long days so sadly, exercise has fallen by the way side. I still feel good though, and have that itch to get back in shape after baby!
Stretch marks:  Yes. The lovely little things showed up about week 30. Not dark, but they are there.
Swelling:  nope! I've been really luck and only had swollen feet maybe 3-4 days when I've been really hot!
Maternity clothes: Almost always! I can still get away with non maternity tops if they are long
Belly button: Inny still, shockingly!

Sleep: Great! I have been sleeping really well for the most part, I have to pee every night, but just once. And rolling over wakes me up, as I have no ab muscles to get me to the other side, but I fall right back to sleep!
Food cravings: watermelon. the last month plus I think I'd take watermelon over anything else! Including chips, in fact, last night Jake and I made a bet. I had to give up chips or watermelon the rest of my pregnancy. I chose chips! THAT is a shocking fact right there..
Food aversions: None
Symptoms: Starting to get a few Braxton Hicks. Mostly after a day of overdoing it, but nothing too scary. I did have one full blown contraction that scared us pretty good around week 32. It was only one, and that was one too many! OUCH! And does waddling count?! I've felt myself waddle a time or two recently! ;)
Movement:  He has gone from kicking my ribs to rolling around like crazy! I think he's too big to get any more good kicks in (running out of room in there) but his rolls are CRAZY! My whole stomach moves! So much fun!
Labor signs: Not since my one contraction

What I miss:  Still sushi and my last Summer's body ;)
What I'm loving: feeling so great still, and the excitement in the air! THIS is real! We are having a baby!! Kailee hugging and patting my belly, and her excitement. The showers, getting things organized and set up, and enjoying our last few weeks as a family of 3!
What I'm looking forward to: Baby boy mostly! But until then, my other showers, Giles girls trip and every doctor's appointment! Along with the groundbreaking of our new house this week! Whoa whoo!
Best moment these past few weeks: Watching K bug's tumbling class, girlfriend loves it and works so hard! So much fun to watch her love something and work hard at it, cabin time with the Andrus family, Island Park with the Robbins family, Baby appointments, design center and all the excitement with our new house, my surprise day date to Fetal Photo with Jake, and a day spent shopping in Park City, K bug coming home from her week plus trip to WA. We missed her SO much! And my first two showers. My Giles shower was July 18th. We hung at my mom's pool and baby and I were SO spoiled! Thank you everyone for coming and spoiling us! It is always so much fun to hang out with the Giles crew! And Morg and her boys, after all they are family! Thanks mom, for such an amazing day/weekend. I loved having that time with you and you absolutely amaze me with all you do! You completely spoiled baby boy, and I already know he's going to adore you, just like the other 3 do! The blankets were all perfect! Love your new machine! ha ha! We also had our Krew friends shower on the 19th, where once again, we were SPOILED! We have the greatest group of friends, and to Jamie, Jayme and Nicole.. THANK YOU for making us feel so special and so spoiled! You are incredible women and friends and we are so lucky to have you, and baby boy is going to love you three SO much! Thanks for making K feel special too, and for all the little details that went into that day. We felt SO loved!
Milestones:  Baby boy is packing on the fat and enjoying his last few weeks in my belly! I can tell how much he has grown by the way the movements have changed. It's gone from rib kicks, to complete body rolls, and I have loved SEEING my belly move! He is SO loved! We can not wait to love on you, dude! Dad can't wait to have his little buddy and sister can't wait to hold you! xoxo





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