Friday, November 20, 2015

23 Weeks!

Is this the 1st Trimester again?! I'm.So.Tired!

Due date:   Aug 27, 2015
What fruit are you: Grapefruit
How far along:  23 weeks
Next appointment:  May 15th
Gender:  Boy!

Total weight gain/loss:  +/- 16 lbs 
Exercise: Has lacked this week, minus today my energy has been lack luster at best.
Stretch marks:  None (yet!)
Swelling:  nope!
Maternity clothes: Always pants/bottoms. Normal tops I can do if they are long enough!
Belly button: Inny

Sleep: Rough this week, minus last night. Hello boppy pillow! So nice!
Food cravings: Donuts, sweets (weird for me), pink airheads - we are finally out from the gender reveal party and I'm not very happy about it! 
Food aversions: I had a hard time with home meals this week..
Symptoms: I've been absolutely exhausted this week. I got a little sick Sunday and even stayed home from work Monday. Felt much better Tuesday and then got nauseous again Thursday night. nothing too bad, but not fun!
Movement:  Lots! He is so active now! I LOVE it! But, he holds still every time daddy tries to feel him move! So funny!
Labor signs: No

What I miss:  Still sushi and my normal clothes! And this weekend, it will be riding rollercoasters and rides at Lagoon! :(
What I'm loving:  Feeling my babe move! And seeing the belly grow! It  really is fun!
What I'm looking forward to: Finding a house! We are SO excited!
Best moment this week: Jake's big 31st birthday, we had a great weekend! Got to stay at Marcy's, watch her girls dance, then watch K bug dance, had a fun lunch with her and Angie and Jason, then out with friends for Jake's birthday! We had a great weekend! Had a fun weeknight with Kailee, showed her the house we loved and she loved it just as much! Trouble! ;) 
Milestones:  Baby boy is now almost completely developed! Its just packing on the fat now! :) Just like mommy! ha ha
Goals: Enjoying every second of the house hunting adventure and not letting it stress me out! And embracing all the changes at work, there are LOTS! ;)

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